Thursday, March 13, 2008


Boasting artwork resembling the lovechild of Tim Burton & Ted McKeever, the Ape Entertainment trade paperback SULLENGREY: CEMETERY THINGS would look at home on a bookshelf filled with many of Vertigo's earlier offerings. It's a bittersweet love story/Zombie Hollolcaust told by writer Jocelyn Gajeway and artist Drew Rausch in a frenetic Jhonen Vasquez style that fairly drips from the page with human effluence.

The plot: Intrepid amateur reporter Salem seeks to unravel the mystery behind a spooky little town and an enigmatic fellow named Grey, the bottom half of whose face is covered by a scarf in a manner reminiscent of the 1928 silent horror film The Man Who Laughs. Grey is haunted by the memory of his beloved/feared fellow mental institution roommate Halo, a young woman with a penchant for chainsaws and ultraviolence.

SULLENGREY is an unique work that definitely deserves more attention. Drew Rausch has created an elaborate self-contained gothic-cum-screwball universe that is so rife with eyeball-twitching detail that it looks like it must have been a motherf**king epic effort to draw. Jocelyn Gajeway's writing is filled both with a darkly comic sense of timing and a talented facility for horror.

SULLENGREY: CEMETERY THINGS collects the first four issues of the original Sullengrey limited series plus contains bonus materials like a never-before-published story, an interview with the creators, and artist sketches. Its $19.95 in full color and you could purchase it at your better-stocked local comic shops or just be lazy and just get it here.

PS: Some of the consistent spelling mistakes in this book are unforgivable, but you can still enjoy it. I was pointed out the wrong one, but I am assured they are there.


  1. tsk tsk Val...

    i know getting people into comics is good, but sending em to amazon to get it when our LCS store owners need the cash?

    Zeus sells it too!

    Also: looks like they need an editor on that book, Salam, really? really?

  2. Hm. I think I'll pick this up as a b-day gift for one of my roomies ... she's not a comics fan, but I think the artwork might draw her into this one. Thanks for the tip!