Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pink Supergirl

You know, I saw this in some costume shop ad I clicked on Google and was like "what the hell?"

"Pink" Supergirl?

This is officially licensed material, here.

From the ad:

"Little Kara Zor-El, who has only known Krypton her whole life, is now on the Planet Earth. She's here to fight evil and to save the innocent along side her cousin, Superman. Includes a hot pink dress with attached cape, silver belt, and hot pink boot tops with silver trim."

When did Kara ever wear this outfit?



Well, anyway, it matches really well with the heart-shaped desert plates:


  1. I am so disappointed in DC licensing now.

  2. Not the first time I’ve seen pink Supergirl stuff. Frankly, I’ve known enough girls with a pink fetish that I can’t see getting excited about this.

  3. At least the midriff is covered...

  4. well, given the palette of this blog, I'm not going to complain too much about the pink...

    ...but a girl that age should never wear that much hairspray.

  5. I feel uniquely suited to comment as the father of 3 young girls.

    Little girls like pink! The fact that my daughters want to wear Supergirl stuff of any kind is great. So let it be pink if that's what they want. I am not upset by this at all.

    More importantly, they want Supergirl dolls more than Bratz.

  6. I think it's genius. My six year old has lots of Pink Supergirl merch. Backpack, t-shirts, stickers etc. She loves it. There are just two Supergirl things that DC/Warner/AOL do not make that my daughter really wants; A Supergirl toy for kids and Supergirl comic for kids. But yeah, as far as clothing and costumes go, they have it covered. I think the guys that come up with these clothing/costume ideas should be they guys writing/editing the comics.

    In short, little girls love Supergril. HOW IN THE EXPLETIVE IS THERE NOT A SUPERGIRL COMIC LITTLE GIRLS CAN READ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. "More importantly, they want Supergirl dolls more than Bratz."

    see, that *is* a good thing.

  8. Ditto on the doll thing. My daughter has wanted a Supergirl doll for years and as soon as I find one that does not look like those porn toys, I'll buy it for her.

    The Supergirl character as a doll could be Hannah Montana, Barbie and Bratz rolled up into one. She has two identities like Hannah so that means multiple costumes and that is a big part of the appeal of all of those dolls. She could have several different Supergirl costumes and of course, at least one that is pink.

  9. Is that why Bratz keeps outselling Supergirl? Across the board?

    That little girl looks less like Supergirl and more like an old Bubble Tape advertisement--and yes, far too much hairspray. Keep her away from arc lights.

  10. Ok... so DC is attempting a little branching out and some idea that could increase the exposure of Supergirl to little girls and some of you are complaining?

    In a world where there is everything from Bath mats to wedding invitations made with DC characters on it, I've come to feel that as long as the product is not shoddily made, then what the heck... especially when it's aimed at young children.

    I have three boys (no girls) but I wouldn't hesiate to buy my God-daughter or my neice that outfit if she was interested in it for playtime or Halloween.

  11. I have seen the iconic superman logo everywhere these days, in all kinds of colors, worn by males and females of all ages. It resonates like nothing else. I tip my hat to DC or Warners or whoever that keeps that logo in the public eye. I wish I could design something that carried as much recognition as this logo does.

  12. I am buying this for my daughter right now. She loves pink and she loves superheroes, so a pink Supergirl costume is the best thing ever.

  13. I'm for it!

    Anything that releases the Disney Princess stranglehold is a good thing!

    Super Girl and hot pink, to a six year old girl, can be like chocolate and peanut butter!

  14. Wow, my daughter would love that costume.

    As anj says, sometimes girls just like pink. I certainly didn't encourage my five-year-old daughter in that direction, and my wife is anything but your average girly-girl, but somehow pink is my daughter's favorite color, and she loves superheroes too.

    Sorry, can't see any outrage here... just looks like kind of a cool take on the costume. Honestly, given how different it is from Superman's, maybe Supergirl *should* wear this instead of a costume so clearly derived from her male counterpart.

    Preferably in some kind of all-ages book with at least one female creator on the creative team. But that's a whole 'nother argument...

  15. All of the Supergirl Stuff lately has been pink. I bought a black and pink sparkly Supergirl women's shirt just the other day. I think marketing people are trying to differentiate her logo from superman's as well... The Supergirl archive volume has a pink S on it as well if I remember correctly.

  16. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Yes, lots of little girls like pink. But, sadly, and annoyingly, this "Pink S" merchandise is being made available at the expense of any traditional Supergirl merchandise. I've discovered that if your daughter doesn't like pink, or if you want to get her (or yourself) a lunchbox or T shirt of whatever with an iconic image of Supergirl (any version) on it, you are SOL. Which really sucks.

  17. While my gut reaction to the pink Supergirl outfit would be to roll my eyes, my daughter just got a look at that picture and immediately wanted it. She loves anything pink. Bash DC for licensing this all you want, but obviously, it works.

  18. Anonymous3:34 PM

    There was a Supergirl doll out some years back. There was a Barbie version. And if you are anti-Barbie, there was a Superman cartoon version of Supergirl! Along with Harley Quinn.

  19. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Oh, I would have been so on top of that as kid. I loved pink when I was little and I loved Supergirl. It's a no-brainer. My only complaint is that the cape is too short. Long capes are fun.

    You have no idea how miffed I am that there isn't a Supergirl comic book and toys for little girls. I think DC really messed up in that department. They really should have created a Supergirl character that was more marketable for ALL ages, not just the adults.

  20. Anything that releases the Disney Princess stranglehold is a good thing!

    On a side note, when I learned that Disney was making an umbrella "Disney Princess" brand to incorporate all their, well, princesses, all I could think was, "But they're all in different continuities! How'll they explain this?!?"

  21. I'm not too fussed overall on the idea of pink Supergirl... but do you s'pose those boots come in lady sizes?

  22. Count me in as someone who actually likes the idea of a pink Supergirl children's outfit, particularly, one without the bare midriff.

    I could see dressing my daughter up in (an infant version of) this for Halloween and not have to deal with everybody commenting on how cute "he" is.

  23. I own a LOT of pink supergirl stuff. xD Well not a lot. But a mug, and panties and a camisole :D

  24. You know, though I admire this design and find pink a great color in and of itself, I still find myself cowering in the corner, hugging my knees.

    The horror. The horror.