Monday, March 17, 2008

Poll: What Event Are You Looking Forward To More? Final Crisis or Secret Invasion?

It's a simple and straightforward question, and I'm presenting it without personal commentary. I'm even listing them alphabetically. The poll is to the right and will be up for about two weeks.

Start voting, people!

And if you really cannot stand either, come up with a write-in event and post it here.


  1. Final Crisis. I'm happy to at last have a DCU event I can get wrapped up in, since they've been pushing me away with Countdown for the past year.

    That said, I'm more stoked for Secret Invasion than any Marvel event in my life. And on the basis of what I know about either story, I'd give it to Secret Invasion. But I voted for Crisis, simply because I miss the DCU.

    (Honestly, I'm more psyched from Trinity than either of them.)

  2. Secret Invasion.

    Jeff Wetherington
    Athena Comics Guide

  3. Final Crisis, though to be honest, I'm a little burned out on events. I read Infinite Crisis, 52, and Countdown and I'm hoping Final Crisis will finally close all this out. I (and my wallet) need a vacation.

  4. Final Crisis by a mile. Love Jones' art and Morrison is my my favorite writer not named Alan Moore. The cosmic aspects of FC appeals more to my sensibilities than Bendis' Secret Invasion as well.

    Conceptually, the idea of the DCU as a modern collaborative mythos intrigues me greatly.

    But, Marvel has brought me around to Secret Invasion with a great promo campaign and a few neat tidbits here & there. So I am excited to read Marvel again! They lost me years ago.

    I've never been one to complain about big events. They are the comic book equivalent of a summer blockbuster. That they take place in the universe you've followed hitherto and involved those characters is part of the fun.

    Besides, if I don't like something, I don't have to buy it. Oh wikipedia, how I love thee for sparing me from Amazons Attack! ;)

  5. Secret Invasion. I've bought the hype.

  6. Neither. I, for one, am happiest with the mega-event that plays out in my head: "The Year Where Nothing Exciting Happened."

  7. Oh, if only ALL comics could be completely devoid of exciting stuff!

  8. I'm going with Final Crisis on this one, but I'll end up reading both.

  9. I'm gonna have to go with Final Crisis, for a vague combination of reasons it would take too long to explain. The short version probably has something to do with Morrison v. Bendis. But I'll read both.

  10. I have to go with Secret Invasion.

    As much respect as I have for Grant Morrison's creativity, I can't help but feel that more often that not the final product doesn't quite deliver on the initial promise.

    On the other hand, even though I question whether Bendis can pull off a Secret Invasion series that doesn't consist of a lot of hand-wringing and navel-gazing on the part of Earth's heroes, the sheer prospect of an alien invasion has me a tad giddy.

    You can blame DC for that though; I still have fond memories of INVASION! 20-odd years ago.

  11. Final Crisis... although I will admit that Secret Invasion sounds pretty cool itself and sounds like it will be MUCH better than the dreck that House of M, The Other, Civil War and One More Day was.

  12. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Secret Invasion. The build up to Final Crisis has been titled "Countdown," and it sucks. Plus, I'm a little insulted by the title "Final Crisis." Like they're not going to do this all over again in 7-10 years.

  13. As a longtime DC fan, I wish I could cast my vote for Final Crisis...but I have to go with Secret Invasion. DC has dropped the ball too many times recently to give me much hope on their upcoming event. I don't think any of their "Big Three" books have fully recovered from the misconceived One Year Later relaunches (although thank God for Gail Simone!), and Countdown has been unbelievably awful, save for a glimmer of hope somewhere around the middle of the run. The Marvel U is just a much more compelling place these days.

    Of course, maybe my expectations for Final Crisis are so low that the end product will surprise me. But if Final Crisis is anything like Morrison's current run on Batman, uhhh, "make mine Secret Invasion."

    dropped the ball in so many ways. I fear that Secret Invasion may end up undoing some of the things that have made recent Marvel continuity so compelling. But even so, DC's recent track

  14. I'm looking forward to whichever event intrudes on the titles I already read the least. Identity Crisis ties in really blow when you're not actually reading Identity Crisis.

  15. In terms of end results, I'd vote Secret Invasion, because I definitely see it as Marvel returning to aspects about it that I liked before. If this is the event to end all events (for a while), I think I would definitely buy the last issue.

    In terms of story, I'd vote Final Crisis. Although we know more about SI than FC, I definitely have a lot of faith in Morrison as a writer.

    Not that I don't have faith in Bendis; I mean, he knows how to write banter, but I just hate to see Skrulls antagonized so implicitly.

    . . .oh dear, now I'm gonna be marked as a Skrull sympathizer.

  16. Secret Invasion, but I just care more about the Marvel U than the DC U.

  17. To be honest, neither. However, I would like to submit "The Blackest Night", the upcoming Green Lantern event. I think Green Lantern's been on a roll since "Rebirth" with consistantly good stories, I don't think they can mess up.

  18. Can I vote for neither? I'm tapping out on all this whole event bizness.

  19. Final Crisis, hands down.

    I'm looking forward to Secret Invasion, but I can wait until it's finished and get it from the library. A universe-spanning epic by Grant Morrison I must read in real-time. Doesn't hurt that it's the first project this big he's done since Seven Soldiers (not counting 52, which didn't really feel like him--or exactly like any of the four writers, for that matter--since it was so collaborative).

    I don't have event fatigue simply because I've skipped most of them. But Final Crisis has my full attention. After that, I wouldn't mind seeing more creator-owned work from Morrison.

  20. I believe my feelings for these works can best be described by the tagline for AvP: Whoever wins. . .we lose.

    Nah, I'm kidding. Secret Invasion, easy. I miss good ol' fashioned Skrull villainy.

  21. Final Crisis. I am hoping Morrison can clean up the current mess of DC Continuity.

    I don't even know if I am going to get Secret Invasion.

    Looking at Marvel's recent mega-events, I thought 'House of M' was too Deus Ex Machiny as a mutant reboot. I thought Civil War started fast but limped to the finish. I felt World War Hulk was fun but had a lame ending. What I read of Messiah Complex made me sleepy and weepy.

    And don't even get me started on Spiderman. Spider totem to unmasking to Back in Black to Brand New Day? Talk about a decade of retcon ...

  22. I'm not really interestd in either. My next event will probably be The Blackest Night, unless Legion of Superheroes, Booster Gold, Batman & the Outsiders, X-Force, or JSA is leading into one sooner.

  23. Fractionally for Secret Invasion. Countdown soured me a bit on crises.

  24. Anonymous11:01 PM

    I'm looking vaguely forward to Secret Invasion, because I can imagine some interesting directions the associated storylines might take.

    I can't imagine that Final Crisis will have a story line, partly because I can't describe the storyline of any of its predecessors, save COIE (and Identity Crisis, which is a different kettle of fish, and which I loathed anyway).

    I am, however, looking forward very much to Final Crisis being _over_, at which point I might consider reading a DC Universe book again.

  25. I have to say Secret Invasion, right now, because... like... I actually have some idea what that story is going to be about in some manner.

    They both have good writers behind them so they'll both be good but... yeah.

    I have no idea even vaguely what the crisis will be this time around or why it could be considered final or... whatever.

    Another multiversal collapse? Everyone becomes New Gods? Who knows.

  26. Meh. I'm one of those terrible human beings who clearly hates fun, puppies, and sunshine because I'm very, very tired of yearly "Comic Book Events!" being put out with all the inevitability of tax forms. Could we maybe just allow creators to tell their own story and build up their characters for a year without having to shoehorn in some "THIS WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING FOREVER!" event? (Why, yes, yes I am a grumpy, old man.)

    On that note, I'll just write in "Warren Ellis on Astonishing X-Men".

    . . . mind you, if I was forced to choose at gunpoint, I'd say "Final Crisis" because it's less likely to make my brain hurt with massive, unnecessary retcons.

  27. Anonymous6:22 AM

    I voted for Final Crisis. DC needs this. After Identity then Infinite Crises (both of which I really like), came 52 which was mostly good, then rubbish like Countdown + Amazons Attack. Sinestro Corps was brilliant but I almost didnt bother with it.If DC let Grant do his own thing, then this could very well turn out to be exactly what they need to tidy up their line. If you need further proof, go and read all of Zenith and see how he can take a story by the scruff of its neck and turn it into something amazing. Having said all that, IF Marvel can get Secret Invasion right and the Skrull reveals make sense and not seem forced, then SI will win out overall, simply because there seems to be more people buying Marvel these days.

  28. Im gonna go with secret invasion. i didnt dig civil war too much. planet hulk and world war hulk was short but sweet and im kind of losing any sort of incentive to read these big dc events since every issue has at least 2 spin off issues.

    plus i reckon luke cage's wife is a skrull who isnt part of the secret invasion, but hell find out adn wont trust her anyway.
    as for tony a long time iron man fan, but since he became whats been effectionatley coined "iron-douche" i disliked the character, but still just because i dislike tony stark now doesnt mean hes a bad character, quite the opposite and i dont think hes a skrull.
    steve rogers though?......

  29. Final Crisis. Mostly because its the one I feel I'm most prepared for.

    Despite 20+ years of reading comics, I haven't stumbled across the Skrulls that often, and then the free "here's every Skrull appearance, ever..." thing they put out recently only reinforced the notion that I have absolutely nothing invested in a Skrull Invasion as I just happen to have never followed any of those titles.

    Final Crisis also has some pre-sold elements that this reader will give the benefit of the doubt. Morrison. JG Jones. A somewhat stand-alone story. That said, I've been avoiding spoilers and have no idea what it will actually be about, so...

  30. I'm going with "Final Crisis." I love both "The Kree-Skrull War" & its Distinguished Contemporary, the Fourth World. I trust Morrison a lot more than Bendis: the latter writes a diverting tale, the former makes me think about the story afterwards. And I'm more into the Cosmic than the Galactic -- alien invasion's great, but I love a good metatextual mind-zonk. And I suspect that Morrison has enough cahones to write something that *will* mean nothing's the same afterwards.

  31. If forced to pick one, I would choose Final Crisis, because Morrison is a thousand times the writer that Bendis is, and because Marvel is dead to me. Luckily, I'm not forced to choose, so I'll most likely read neither.

  32. Final Crisis for sure, but that's not saying I won't be picking up SI which has still got my interest.
    At the same time from reading more and more interviews involved I keep thinking on how huge of a scale this could be, while the more I read about SI that it hits me as, "Civil War with Skrulls."