Monday, June 15, 2009

Archie Andrews, You Cad! Part Deux

This emotionally-charged tale will tug at your heartstrings as you witness Archie's poignant heart-to-heart talk with Betty before the nuptials...

Archie: "Veronica is just you with long black hair and money. Dig? And what's up with that ponytail? You still look like you're sixteen. And not in a good way."

...the choked-up parents of the betrothed...

Mr. Lodge: "Oh, this is the worst day of my life! Hopefully, my plot to break them up at the last minute by hiring Nick St. Clair to seduce my daughter will work!"

...and a surprise ending that will leave you speechless!

"Oh God, that blade from the chandelier just fell and cut Mr. Lodge in two! Nobody leave the island!"


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Bet he says Betty's name during the vows, while Reggie ends up in bed with Archie's sister, and Jughead just eats and makes jokes about being in England. Or am I thinking of somethi else?

  2. *SIGH* Okay... once more, with feeling...

    The first three issues (600-602) are a future "imaginary story" where Archie marries Veronica. These will be followed by three issues (603-606) of another "imaginary story", but this time he marries Betty.

    And in answer to the age-old question, I choose Veronica's cousin, Marcy.

    Also upcoming: Archie Double Digest #200 (new look, Archie moves away), Veronica #200, Jughead #200, Betty & Veronica Digest #200.

  3. I liked those Archie imaginary stories where Archie & Jughead's sons teamed up to fight crime.

  4. Just because they're going to be imaginary stories doesn't meant they're not ridiculous, nor that they're not worth making fun of.

    Come on surprise confession to Jughead!