Thursday, June 25, 2009

Test Your Superhero Video Game Knowledge!

I had no idea that the Guinness World Record people put out these "themed" books. The Guinness World Records 2009 Gamer's Edition is more like a full-color reference bible on video games than simply a trivia book.

Here are some trivia questions based on the book; answers posted tomorrow!

1. What video game has the most licensed superheroes in one game?

2. What is the first video game company to buy a comic book publisher?

3. What is the first superhero video game?

4. Who is the first female supervillain to star in her own video game?

5. What is the first superhero MMORPG?

6. What video game has the most powerful Superman?

7. What Batman video game has the most villains?

8. What is the first video game to tie into a contemporary comic book storyline?

9. What is the first superhero game on PlayStation 3?

10. Who is the most popular video game superhero?

11. What superhero game boasts the most destructible environment?

12. What Japanese superhero comic has the most video games based on it?

13. Which X-Men character has the most spin-off games?


  1. 8. In 1984, Marvel had a tie-in series with a video game company. Questprobe was the series, but was cancelled when the video game company went bankrupt.

    The storyline was eventually concluded in Quasar.

    (I was a big videogame geek before I got into comics. If there was a movie with videogames in it, I saw it. Superman III? Yup.)

  2. Just making some guesses:

    1. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Arcade)

    3. Superman on the Atari 2600

    10. Batman or Spiderman

    11. Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

    12. Astro Boy

    13. Gee, I don't know... Wolverine?

  3. Good questions! I'll take a stab...

    1. Pretty much has to be "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" -- and though I haven't done the math, I believe that will be superseded by the sequel.

    2. Rebellion?

    3. Pretty sure that's "Superman" for Atari 2600.

    4. Catwoman on Game Boy

    5. City of Heroes?

    6. I'll go with "The Man of Steel" on Xbox.

    7. "LEGO Batman" seems like a safe bet.

    8. I know "Danger Girl" was supposed to be a bridge between the first story arc and the next...not sure if that was actually the case, though. "Superman: The Man of Steel" was in continuity, supposedly, so I'll go with that.

    9. "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" -- pretty sure it was a launch game

    10. Spidey

    11. You could destroy every single building in NYC in Sega's "The Incredible Hulk" -- has to be that

    12. Astro Boy?

    13. There's no way this can't be Wolverine.

  4. I think the most powerful Superman is in the Superman Returns video games because the life bar doesn't correspond to Superman, it corresponds to the city of Metropolis.

  5. 1. Marvel vs Capcom 2
    4. Catwoman

    5. City of Heroes

    7. I'm guessing Lego Batman

    9. Marvel Ultimate Alliance

    10. Spiderman

    12. Dragonball Z

    13. Spiderman again.