Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Comics-Op: Gossip, Rumors, and Spoilers

This Friday's topic on Comics-Op is "GOSSIP, RUMORS, and SPOILERS."

I'm looking for input (please email) for the column on the following:

1. Our "Question of the Week":
Do you think the comic book industry, and its principal players, should be subject to the sort of public scrutiny and (at times) gossip that others in the entertainment field are subject to?

I'm getting some intriguing (and controversial) responses to this subject from those I've already personally asked, and so I'm opening up the floor.

2. Another question:
Do you think spoilers hurt or help comic book sales? Do they intrigue enough to get more readers onboard a storyline by virtue of their controversial nature? And in our Internet-connected world, CAN there really be any plot twists that can be hidden for too long?

3. And finally:
Would you rather hear the truth (in the comic book industry, or what have you), or is there something to be said for "blissful ignorance?"

Again, feel free to email me.

Respondents will be credited with (if desired) a linkback to their websites. Anonymous respondents are fine. I reserve the right to edit due to length.

My deadline for responses is Thursday afternoon.


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