Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eddie Murphy: "I Could Play Egghead!"

Eddie Murphy squashes rumors he has been approached to play The Riddler in the next Batman movie, but adds that "Egghead, I could be Egghead."

Was he serious about playing the eggy supervillain made famous by Vincent Price in the 1960s TV show?

And how can Murphy's career be saved so he is awesome again? Why does Hollywood take these young angry comedic firebrands and homogenize them decade after decade until they do nothing but second-rate Disney movies? What's next: Sarah Silverman as Mrs. Garrett in the big-screen remake of "Facts of Life?"


  1. Yeah, how did Eddie Murphey let Hollywood make him...not young? HOW DID IT HAPPEN!? Mystery.

    Seriously; they just get old. Ain't no thing. If he wants to make movies for kids, well. Kids are cool. (I am getting old)

  2. For some reason Eddie Murphy is owned by Disney, I think he has a lot of gambling debts. When he was on Conan he didn't seem like he enjoyed doing these crappy Disney movies. It was kind of wierd.

  3. What's next: Sarah Silverman as Mrs. Garrett in the big-screen remake of "Facts of Life?"

    I can hear her agent's cell blowing up right now. Your prescience has doomed us all.

  4. Now that I think about it... Patton Oswalt would probably make for a pretty awesome Mad Hatter.

  5. Anonymous1:08 AM

    I can see Eddie Murphy creating a hard-boiled scenario.

  6. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Yeah. Pretty much with mordicai. Hollywood doesn't do anything. Ask Robin Williams.

    And it isn't just Disney. Norbit was Dreamworks. Daddy Day Care was Revolution (distributed by Sony). Pluto Nash was Castle Rock (distributed by Warners).

    It isn't just that he started doing kids movies and he lost his edge. It's also that the NON-kids movies he's been in suck ass.