Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Headlines I Hate: When Mainstream News Covers Comics

From the Dallas Voice (which bills itself as a LGBT news source, but it still looks awful):

"Zowie! She's Gay!"

Sub-sub headline for the same article:


Wait, I have one more coming on...


  1. Zowie?!

    Makes me want to *BAM!* *POW!* some editor right in the face.

    Although, it's good to see the series FINALLY ship. Man, you'd think DC didn't want to support women characters. Oh wait...

  2. *Sigh*

    You don't see this kind of nonsense with other parts of pop culture. At least not on the same level.

  3. The article also makes a point that Batman is being replaced by a woman like there is a heirarchy. Their spacing of that section makes such a point out of it as if a lesbian is the lowest of the low

  4. Man that pun doesn't even make sense. It should apply to someone from the Superman-family, or possibly a baseball player.

    Somehow this makes me even angrier!

  5. Anonymous1:32 PM

    "'She’s not Batman with tits; she is her own person,' Rucka says."


  6. At least they didn't use "Holy [blank], Batman!"

    Were I an editor who needed a clever headline, I'd go with the "Comics Aren't Just For Straights Anymore" meme.

    Has anyone noticed that Detective Comics contains two lesbian vigilantes?

    Here's a better take:

  7. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Oh, Rucka. I could never fankill you <3.

    Yeah, I'm done facepalming over this shit. I'm ignoring every news-related thing to 'Tec that isn't on a comic news site.

  8. "At least they didn't use "Holy [blank], Batman!""

    I think I'd have preferred they used "Holy lesbian, Batman!". At least then I could pretend they were being ironic.

    Have a good day.
    John Cage

  9. The babymen hate when they still make references to the great 60s show. Haha. It drives them nuts.

    The best part of the article was the:

    -By a woman.

    She's a lesbian.-

    That cracked me up. They make it sound so monumental and epic as to how can this possibly be?

  10. Yeah, the mainstream gets more enlightened my the moment, don't they? I'm surprised we didn't see:

    "Holy Glory Hole, Batman!"

  11. "OUT, OUT! AND A GAY!" sounds like an LOL Cat heading.


    Oh, media and comics, when will y'all sit down and just talk?

  12. It's not the 60's show references...I love the old show.

    It's the lazy writing. Even when they're NOT writing about anything Batman related, they do the "Holy whatever" bit. It's long since gotten old.

  13. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Not related to the article:

    'Holy Shit, Batman!' never gets old.