Monday, June 15, 2009

$25,000 1990 Nintendo Cartridge On EBay

If you have $25,000 to spare, you might be able to purchase from eBay this "Nintendo World Championships Gold Cartridge" from 1990 – apparently the "Holy Grail" of videogames.

According to Wikipedia, these gold cartridges were given out to winners and runner-ups in a contest held by Nintendo Power magazine, and only 26 are in existence. In the comics world, a comparable item might be "Action Comics" #1. Or one of those sets of Liefeld's "X-Force" #1 with the complete set of variant covers and the polybags intact.


  1. Earthbound for the SNES is also a biggie...probably not quite as expensive though.

  2. That last bit about X-Force was sarcasm, right?

  3. "That last bit about X-Force was sarcasm, right?"

    Once I got a whole dollar for that set.

  4. The eBay listing has been removed.

    Rare videogames? I prefer Space War in that sexy fiberglass cabinet. K.C. Munchkin for historical purposes (first copyright infringement case for videogames). Are there any prototypes which are sought after?

    I think the best comics allegory would be the gold second printing UPC cover of McFarlane's Spider-Man. Or maybe those signed Graphitti editions of Watchmen.