Friday, June 12, 2009

The New Comics-Op Is UP!

The topic: Rumors Vicious Rumors

I'm pretty happy with the way this one came out. Got some really candid insights and plus: LOL Pictures! It's all there, for your end-of-the-week enjoyment.

Got a lot of content for this one & couldn't fit it all, so will be posting the rest on here for the next day or so as follow-up.



  1. Great column. I haven't read Lying in the Gutters, but now I think I'll give it a look.

    Sable brought up one of the sore points I have with the Big Two: the way they treat creators. I think anyone who has read Kavalier and Clay would understand how unfair the system is and has been. Over time, it's getting harder to justify buying comics that are not creator-owned... but the "because I like Batman" defense is still holding up somehow.

  2. Anonymous8:31 PM

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