Friday, September 19, 2008

World's Finest #195 Next To Be Pulped?

Rumors swirled this morning that World's Finest #195 was next to be pulped by DC Comics.

The cover depicts Batman holding a gun and making Robin and Jimmy Olsen dig their own graves. To the side, Superman watches in glee.

As we all know, Batman has a very strict code against killing, especially with guns. Yet not only do we have this cover, but inside there are a host of gory scenes that are inappropriate:

* Jimmy Olsen and Robin are roasted by Superman's heat vision, their skin melting.

* The hearts of Jimmy and Robin are cut out and placed in a Lucite case.

I don't care if this is an imaginary story -- it's cruel and hurtful and breaks down everything these characters stand for.


  1. The sad thing is I wouldn't have been surprised at all if the story was true.

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Are you sure they're not referencing this:

    Or did your joke go over my head?

  3. "I don't care if this is an imaginary story -- it's cruel and hurtful and breaks down everything these characters stand for."


    However. If I was a 13 year old boy it would the the exact comic I would want to read. When I was a kid I was team Marvel all the way but DC would get my attention from time to time when they did something totally out of character with their boring old characters. When I look through the long boxes in the basement at my DC comics from when I was a kid I realize that I almost exclusively bought issues where Batman and Superman did not act like Batman and Superman.

    This gave me a laugh on an otherwise bleak day. Thank you!

  5. Don't have sound at work. Thank goodness!

  6. wow. I love Ross Andru. Wish I could read this. I didn't know Garth Ennis worked at DC back in the early 70's.


    I got rolled on that one.

  8. Anonymous5:10 PM

    At least they weren't drinking... BEER!

  9. " "Dig Now, Die Later!" Batman, suffering from a head injury, believes he is a mafia leader. With Superman posing as one of his henchmen, the afflicted Batman plots the deaths of Jimmy Olsen and Robin. Features a backup story starring Congo Bill."

    Ah... the new "gritty" superheroes have arrived! (Wait... 1970? Before "The Godfather"? Before "The Dark Knight Returns"? Wow...)

    And I hear that Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane # 106 might be pulled as well...

  10. Ya know. Some days, you actually do need a little Rick.

    (And Batman with a gun.)

  11. I thank Dog that I had dial-up at work when I read this in the afternoon.
    I just got rolled at home after a crap-ass day. You suck, and I thank you.

  12. Nice one :) That ruled, and totally made my night.

  13. I was thinking about Rickrolling all my blog readers the other day.
    Thanks for stealing my idea ;-)

  14. You got me. Heh.

  15. Awwww, why you got to be like that, Val? Isn't there enough suffering in the world?

  16. That is one of my all-time favorite issues; on a page-for-page basis, nothing delivers more sheer insanity than "Dig Now, Die Later!"

    And given that I've read Bob Haney's Wonder Woman, that's saying something.

  17. I guess if you give Frank Wertham his claim of homosexual subtexts in comics, the cover to #195 is a metaphor for the suppression of homosexual desires.

    Or maybe it's just that Jimmy and Robin have that Wesley Crusher thing about them.

  18. I wish I had a dime for every time my machine-gun toting mentor forced me to dig my own grave.

    But I'm still here! I'm still here!