Friday, September 12, 2008

Frank Miller Calls ASBAR #10 Fiasco "Terrible and Glorious"

Via the LA Times:

"This is the first I've heard of it. I have no idea how this awful thing happened. It's just one of those terrible and glorious things that happen time to time in publishing."

And he provided further illumination on why the actual words were used under the black censor bars:

"I wrote the actual words in the script and had them put on the page so the black bars would be the right size on the page..."


  1. Well, it's not like anybody's gonna hold him accountable, is it? What, him worry?

  2. Are those dead bodies behind him??? What in the world???

  3. If he wanted to black bars to be the correct size, he could have used a different words, such as "cant" and "fact," that would have been the same size.

  4. Um, yeah. Sorry, Frank, I love ya, but I'm going to have to call bullshit on that one (I had to put the actual word in there so Val had the right size for the black bar).

  5. Yeah right, and I'm the ****ing Batgirl!!! XD
    Pity the comic didn't even arrive here...

  6. He doesn't give a shit. All controversy does is help him sell more books and hide the fact he's become a hack. ASBAR is the worst piece of dreck to ever hit comic stands, and I've seen some pretty bad examples of dreck!

  7. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Oh. See?

    He was just making sure the boxes fit!

    No ego, there.

    And how do you go from "awful" to "terrible and glorious"?

  8. To me, the problem isn't that these words appeared in this comic; it's that these words would never come out of Barbara Gordon's mouth.

    Just further evidence that Frank Miller can only write one character. In what way does Batgirl's dialog differ from Batman's? Or even from Marv or Hartigan?

    The offensive part is how badly done it is.

  9. Well, it's not like anybody's gonna hold him accountable, is it? What, him worry?

    Right on, Art. Somewhere in DC, someone has made the decision that selling bad Frank Miller is better than having no Frank Miller to sell. Miller himself doesn't care since he can stay rich based solely on his movie properties and doesn't have to worry about future comic sales. No wonder he can have a good chuckle about controversy that he could have easily prevented.

  10. In Millerspeak, "terrible and glorious" means "a shameless ploy for comic book publicity. ANY comic book publicity."

    He needs to just concentrate on his Spirit movie and give up his funny book job.

  11. Oh, and those dead people are the few remaining Miller fans. They threw themselves off a cliff at their Master's command.

  12. The right size?! THEY'RE FOUR FREAKING LETTERS.

  13. And how do you go from "awful" to "terrible and glorious"?

    They're not that far apart - Miller made the same transition in reverse. :)

  14. Such vitriol! ASBRTBW is a very funny comic and no one is forcing anyone to buy a copy.

  15. Censoring or substituting the swear words is not the writer's job.

    Be they Frank "Fucking" Miller, or Red "Goddamn" Stapler.

    That is the editor's responsibility to choose what needs to be replaced with !@*#$ or black bars or whatever. That responsibility, in turn, is on the lettering department, and then making sure the black bars actual hide the words in the proofs is again on the editors.

    The writer can write whatever they want, and should.

    What he wrote may have been bad and lazy writing, but altering the word choice or appearance wasn't his lookout.

  16. This "Red" here agrees with the previous "Red" there!

    Not the writers job to edit his own stuff...

    Unless Miller doesn't have an editor? I mean is it possible the editor is there in name only? It that posssible Val?

    Can Frank write and do whatever he wants? I mean he is FRANK MILLER! HE IS "GLORIOUS"!!

    Ahem, got carried away, and DON'T EDIT THIS VAL!!!


  17. It's getting press, so that's all that matters, right?

  18. Anonymous10:04 AM

    They're not that far apart - Miller made the same transition in reverse. :)

    Genius! LOL

  19. While TECHNICALLY it's not the writer's job to edit his own work, that ignores any sense of moral and personal responsibility.

    Just because you can do a thing doesn't necessarily follow that you must do a thing.

    In a medium ostensibly made for children, Frank could have and should damn well have said to himself, "gee this language really isn't appropriate for kids" and changed the lines himself when he wrote the script. You certainly wouldn't find such language in a G rated film, and Miller is all about the films today. One might think he'd have remembered that.

    His failure to do so simply proves he's a hack and an ass on top of it.