Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hi, this is a blog featuring opinion and no-holds-barred commentary on comics.

If you came here by accident looking for light but inoffensive and inspiring banter on a number of comic-related issues, please go here.



  1. damn you....

    i can not stop listening to that song. i should be in bed but i am far more likely to hit repeat again (for the 4th or 5th time) than scurry off to bed.

    what show is it from?

  2. Sorry mesmerized by Orihime singing...what is the finnish ?

  3. Anonymous2:35 AM


    Don't let trolls get you down.

    You ROCK.

  4. Anonymous5:15 AM

    I have read your blog for about a year now, I like it, it is actually one of the two blogs I bother checking daily. I know that you are under a lot of fire for being opiated, but let's face it, it comes with the territory. My advice?

    Stop defending yourself. That is the one thing posters like that want. They want you to read it. They want you to rant about it on their journal. They want you to give them the attention that they feel they deserve.

    You don't need a defense. These are your views. Hell, I'd love it if you were even snarkier! But never, ever, ever go into rebuttal with them. The delete button is all the comment they ever need. If you keep this up, they will post more and more because then they KNOW that they are getting to you.

  5. AH!!! Spinny scallion attack! NOOOOOO!

  6. Valerie, I'd prefer to just email you this but I can't find your address on your blog. Feel free to not post this in comments.

    Your tone seems to have hardened the last couple of weeks. I guess some of the more ridiculous responses to your postings have gotten to you. Please don't take them to heart. That's just the Internet. Ask John Byrne. You have a unique and interesting point of view that I find very refreshing. That's why I check your blog two or three times a day. Keep doing what you've been doing and I'll keep coming back.

    Oh, and Earth M should suck it.

  7. I really don't appreciate the condescension. Unfortunately, that kind of thing is indicative of the general tone of this blog for some time now and the very reason that I no longer wish to visit here.

    It's not that I want nothing but light, frothy entertainment. I actually like your commentary. It's one of the things that drew me here to begin with. It's just that everything has become so negative and venom-filled around here in the last few months that I glean no enjoyment from it anymore.

    You have a good sense of humor, I've seen it on display. Why not employ that more often to balance out the doom and gloom?

    One thing I want to make perfectly clear: Please no one lump me in with the sexist nimrods that have cropped up here from time to time. My criticism has nothing whatsoever to do with Valerie's gender or the fact that she often spotlights topics that interest a feminist mindset. The main thing that actually brought me here over a year ago was the prospect of a woman's view of the male-dominated comic industry.

    Please allow this comment to be posted. I would genuinely like to see how others feel about this topic.