Thursday, September 25, 2008

The State Of The Economy


  1. Hah. Thanks. You turned the volume on my anger scale over this whole thing from 11 down to about 8.

  2. I like you how constantly call attention to racism, sexism, and causes that you believe in, but you find it more than okay to take cheap shots at our highest elected official.

    I'm all for disagreement. This is just childish. It's become acceptable in our culture to slander and/or disrespect any person we feel we can. Even more so when hiding behind a blog or computer. I doubt this is the way you would interact with the President if you were face to face with him.

    I don't get it.

  3. I really hope the idiots who voted him TWICE feel as stupid as he looks.

  4. Anonymous12:20 PM

    You like how Val does that?

    Wow. Cause the rest of your message seems to imply you don't.


    To be fair, what you're talking about ties in with what is referred to by Harvard Professor Cass Sunstein as the balkanization of the Internet. It is Liberals talking about Liberal viewpoints to Liberals, and Conservatives discussing Conservative viewpoints with Conservatives. Studies have shown that, when one filters out opposing viewpoints, one tends to become more polarized.

    As such, a comment like Val's (where she, essentially, calls the President a moron) receives a response like yours (saying her attempt at humor is childish slander).

    In my view, both are examples of extreme viewpoints. Just as I feel that it's perfectly okay to, as you put it "take cheap shots at our highest elected official" (which, I have to wonder is the same sentiment you had/have for President Clinton), I also feel that some of Val's shots were a touch below the belt (such as the reference to abortion).

    In any case, it's the Internet, which is a great place for all of us to throw out something created in jest and offend SOMEone. Even a rant on how global warming isn't real.

  5. I think if you can accuse this administration of anything, it's certainly their laissez faire attitude towards big business. Just let them do their thing and everything will be fine. That certainly backfired within the last two week.

    Thing is, the banks were deregulated in the 90s and the credit market has been largely ignored by multiple administrations. I would so love to pin this on GW, but sadly, the seeds for this shitstorm were sewn a few admins back.

    It's certainly clear that we need more regulation to keep these evil fucks in check. Corporations are treated like VIP citizens. They get government bailouts with our tax dollars while the rest of us have to fend for ourselves. Joe Casey actually talked a little bit about the power of corporations with Wildcats version 3.0 (see, everything is related to comics). I mean, no one would ever think of proposing a $700 billion bailout for you and me.

    My hope is that we will get some real regulation of these banks and creditors. But memories are short. In another twenty years, we'll be back here again.

  6. if Val wants to say this stuff, that's fine. It's her blog, & noone's payin' you to be here.

    I've got friends who say stuff I may not agree with everywhere, doesn't mean they agree with me, either.

  7. Thank you for providing a chuckle in the face of this never-before-seen atrocity that has become the US Economy.

    And to Matt: However said the President was off-limits? People have been comically rendering our politicians since Freedom of the Press.

    And if most of us were face to face with the President, I would hope we would all have enough fortitude to ask him the tough questions. Not just show deference and respect because he has a big fancy title.

    He's a man. Elected by us. We put him in that office, and he answers TO US.

    Geez - people control the government. The government shouldn't control the people. Or at least that's the idea. *sighs*

    Much Love, Mindy C

  8. My favorite post of all time.

  9. "I like you how constantly call attention to racism, sexism, and causes that you believe in, but you find it more than okay to take cheap shots at our highest elected official."-mh

    This is a laughable counterpoint. These "cheap shots" are humorous precisely because they are all, in some sense true. Racism and sexism are wrong because they presuppose someone is incapable of doing something or predisposed to doing something wrong.

    Bush is a fuck up. He represents the dumbing down of America's standard in picking a President (opening the door to Sarah "I can see Russia from house!" Palin). His administration is going down as one of the most corrupt, and I think its above 60% of historians believe him to one of the worst presidents of all time.

    "(such as the reference to abortion)."

    The comment about abortion (and gays) is actually one of the most true given the (unholy) marriage between fiscal and social conservatives...i could say more about my utter dislike/disdain for certain religious groups but i don't want to drag Val's board down into flinging shit everywhere.

  10. Is Kevin Spacey really going to be in Batman 3?

  11. Oh no, Valerie made fun of the Worst President Ever (TM). Oh my goodness gracious, a person making jokes about a president! How will freedom ever survive such an unprecedented event?

    Hey, Matt, remember when the last guy was president and his wife was actually accused by a number of talk radio pundits of murder? And then partisan forces in Congress and the Senate tried to impeach him basically over nothing?

    Yeah, I guess you were pretty upset about those things, too. Right?

    Remember everyone- It's okay to disagree with Our President. Just don't ever write your disagreement or express it in any way, please.

  12. Val is making a choice in her commentary in the LOLCAT lingo.

    I am a conservative and a comic book fan and creator. It is easy enough to skip the posts that take the point of view that President Bush is stupid.

    The population is 35% on one side and 35% on the other with the stragglers in the middle. If she wants to hurl insults at 35% of her readers, that is her choice and I support her right to free speech.

    Some of us may decide to get commentary elsewhere. That is the risk/ reward of going political.


  13. It was BILL CLINTON pushed by Andrew Cuomo his housing secretary who repealed the controls on the mortgage and lending industry. Even though Bush's economic decisions have been ludicrous at times, even he was quoted in 2003 as saying that Fannie/Freddie were a "systemic risk" and needed to be reformed. McCain had a bill to fix Fannie/Freddie, but the Dems suppressed it.

    So before you go blaming Bush, ironically it was the Democrats who are hand in hand with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. There's a youtube video of the head of Fannie calling the Dems in congress "our family and conscience"

    Fannie/Freddie made sure that the reforms never happened that would have prevented this, and their allies in the Democrat party made sure to kill any reforms (including McCain's bill).

    Bush may have done a lot of dumb things, but this one actually started in 1999 before he was even in office.

  14. Haha, thanks. This gave me the best chuckle of the day. :-)

  15. The word of the day is "kakistocracy".

    And if you'd like some fun, locate the Dow Jones Index online.

    Compare each four-year presidency by percentage change.
    2001-2005 -0.5%
    2005-present 4%
    YTD -16%
    1929? About -17%
    Carter Administration? -4%
    George I? 46%

    Personally, I didn't get much of a chuckle out of this post, but I have a high threshhold for comedy. David Letterman's Top Ten list of Sarah Palin, #1 made me laugh. As did a fake New York Times front page reporting on the murder of Bullwinkle J. Moose by Alaska's governor.

  16. "Oh noes! You made fun of the President! You crossed the line, Valerie!"

    What the fuck is this, 2003?

  17. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Re: all the comments along the lines of "below-the-belt" shots...

    Just to get some perspective... this guy's closest allies (from his own mouth) are some of the world's most hated dictators (Karimov, Niyazov, Musharraf) and mass-murderers (Massoud, Dostum, Khalili, Khan), he advocates torture, he doesn't recognise legal protections for defendants (or average citizens), he wields power without having either the intelligence or dignity to understand it's limits, and we're worried that we don't poke fun at him?

    If you ask me, this is EXACTLY the sort of human being that "below-the-belt shots" were made for.