Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mark Hamill Turns 57 Today

Not sure if I posted this already, but heck, here it is again:

I know, hard to believe he played wide-eyed young Luke Skywalker huh? That's what Hollywood does to you, baby!


  1. Mark Hamill (and Bruce Timm's) Joker is what The Dark Knight really needed. I long for the day when DC will do something like the projects Bruce Timm does and not take themselves so serious.

    Ha ha! [DC] Why so serious?

    But hey.. I hear they are coming out with a new Wonder Woman cartoon movie DVD from Timm. It looks interesting.

  2. It's MY birthday too!!

  3. Happy birthday to Mark Hamill. Hey, I loved Dark Knight and Ledger's performance but Hamill's is STILL my Joker-of-choice.

    Yeah, I'm a Mark Hamill fan and proud of it.