Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Day The Music Died

Seriously, this was my Sunday afternoon on teh internets:

"Oh shit, Perry Farrell died?!"

"Yeah, man. They reported it on"

"Wiki has an obit, yo."

"He died on the same plane as Dave Navarro."

"Holy fucking shit, are you serious?"

"And Gavin DeGraw."

"Who the fuck is he? I care about Perry Farrell."

"And all of Blink 182. They were on the plane too."

"Fucking Perry Farrell, man. Fuck."

(I go knock on the door of the bathroom, where BF is taking a shower)

"Hey, Perry Farrell died!"


"I said: Perry Farrell just died in a fucking plane crash with motherfucking Dave Navarro!"

"From Jane's Addiction?"

"Yeah. It's like Buddy Holly all over again! I'm so fucking depressed now. But also strangely invigorated."

Thirty minutes later, back on teh Internets:

"Oh, Perry didn't really die. Perez Hilton confirmed it."

"Are you sure? How about Dave Navarro?"

"Where the fuck did you get Dave Navarro? Did you pull that one out of your ass?"

"Wiki just changed the obit on Perry. He's alive now."

"Well, did anybody die?"

"I think DJ AM died."


"And the drummer for Blink 182."

"So I was right about Blink 182!"

"No wait. They are confirmed alive."

"Oh. So nobody dead, then?"

"I think the pilot and the co-pilot. And some non-famous people."

"I heard Shanna Moakler died, Travis' wife."

"No, they found a female body on the plane, but TMZ is confirming that Shanna is alive."

"The female was one of the pilots."

"Well, that explains a lot."

"So Perry is safe?"

"As long as Perry is okay."

"I heard Travis got his dick burned off."

"Serves him right for cheating on Shanna with Paris Hilton."

"That's a fucking horrible thing to say. Fuck you. When you die, I'm going to piss on your ashes and shit on your grave and then we'll see how much you laugh about it, asshole."

"So, when I play this Crazy Town video: which one is DJ AM?"

"My heart goes out to all the victims."

"At least Travis' tats are still okay."

So that was my Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure what I did Sunday night. I think I watched Family Guy.

No wait, I didn't watch Family Guy.


  1. I still have no idea what's going on or if anyone died or not! I'm stuck in a perpetual state of confusion/mourning/relief.

  2. Mordicai:

    "OH SHIT! Perry Farrell died?!"


    "oh wait, this isn't real."

    "HEY! Leave Paris alone."

  3. That SOUNDED like an episode of Family Guy...

  4. No True Blood? I gay prided it Dallas style.

  5. Remember when the Internet was supposed to make everyone smarter?

    Also, thanks for the picture of Paris. I have to go Google some images of America Ferrara to cleanse my palate.