Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spam I Love: Hasselhoff Romance Photos

The latest Spam I Love to hit my inbox has been an offer for personalized David Hasselhoff romance photos.

They aren't even truly signed by the Hoff, but are instead "in an exact digital copy of David's handwriting and autograph." Maybe they're having KITT do it -- he could do anything, couldn't he?

But what makes up for this are the glamor shots that are offered.

Now I can pretend Hasselhoff is inviting me to dinner, taking my hand and about to show me a night I will never forget.

Then, the Morning After:

And Sexy Surfing Santa for the holidays:


  1. The one where he's on the life-saver(?), he looks so serious. Seriously sexy. Psshaha!

    Where's the one with him drunkenly eating burger fragments off the bathroom floor!? Now that was damned sexy. Heh.

  2. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Sexy surfing Santa burned my eyes.

  3. That "surfing santa" poster... he looks like a bad comicbook character.

    Wonder if the signed photos are available in German?

  4. Love the Hoff.

    I just watched the season 1 West Wing ep he guest starred in. He's at a Hollywood party trying to be all serious and talk policy with Donna and Josh, and Donna is fangirl gushing all over him.


  5. Actually it strikes me as impressive that he's at all possible to do this kind of stuff these days and not look completely ridiculous doing so. He HAS admittedly aged far better than one might have expected considering how long ago the glory days of Knight Rider were.

  6. That photo of him with the cup of coffee is cracking me UP.

    I wish I could be that cheesy and still make it work. :)

  7. I thought his "glory days" were the "Young and the Restless" or "Baywatch" not the "talking car" show!

    Patiently waiting for some "Yasmin Bleeth" spam mail photos...


  8. He looks like he's shouting someting in the Santa one. "Cowabunga!" "Jane, how do you stop this crazy thing!" "Where's my hamburger?!" "I sold my dignity for cash so I could eat!"

    I'll bet I get this for Christmas!

  9. On second glance, it looks less like he's shouting and more like he's just confused. "A surfin' Santa? Wha- ?"

    Probably drunk as cooter brown when he posed.

    PS- I was going to type "drunk as a lord," but that just doesn't fit the Hass. He gets drunk as cooter brown. Sometimes drunk as a monkey, but he's seldom that playful.

  10. Nahhh glory days were definitely Knight Rider when he might actually have been both considered hot and the star in a major primetime show.

    By the baywatch era, he only really looks GOOD running toward the camera in slow motion as it camouflaged his increasing pudginess.

    And Y&R? He was in an ensemble cast as a hot young actor, among all the hot young actors on daytime soaps, a dime a dozen.

  11. I call him the Hass cuz it rhymes with horse's a--.