Monday, November 24, 2008

Goodbye To Comics: Two Years Later

The two-year anniversary of "Goodbye to Comics" has come and gone, and I almost missed it.

Still glad I wrote it, happy with its content, format, and method of delivery. I think there are so many things in this world that are vetted and pre-planned within an inch of its life -- even Reality TV -- that it's kind of cool to have something spontaneous, raw, and heart-felt.

Also, I feel very grateful for the friends I've made as a result or indirect result of "GTC." I've had and continue to have many awesome life experiences, both on my own and as the president of Friends of Lulu. I am really, truly blessed and fortunate -- far more fortunate than I feel I have a right to be. I feel unworthy for the blessings not because I think I am a bad person, but because I'm just a person -- one in a thousand fanboys and fangirls with as much passion as I have.

And in terms of the future of my career...I am, as they say, just happy to be nominated. Anything above that is gravy, is awesome, is more than I expected.

Those are all my thoughts on it. Done & done.

more photos of me with those dynamic thumbs:


  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Those thumbs are the envy of all 'button mashers' everywhere.

    Mistress of the 'D' pad.

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    GTC was the first thing I read from you and still remains a powerful statement to this day. I urge you to collect it in a more permanent media.

    You have the Dynamic DUO of thumbs! lol

    Sam Gafford

  3. I read this and it was really hard for me to read. I don't mean emotionally I mean it was formatted like blog entries where the most recent post in on top. so I had to work backwards and find part 1. Since you refer to this and talk about it all the time, you should make a permanent page that has it all written out in order from the first part to the last part.

  4. Not sure if I should call this a happy anniversary, but congratulations on two years after getting all of that off of your chest. ^^ You're a shining example that someone can overcome the harshness of the world and come out on top. Keep up the great work, Val, and never let them beat you down!

  5. Is this cuz I bashed your thumbs? Cuz, I was just saying how alotta girls have bendy joints. Wasn't makin' fun. Heh.

    Anyways, I just read your "Goodbye to Comics" memoirs and now my stomach hurts. When you pointed out some of the things you'd been through...I was, not to sound too self-indulent, starting to think of all the things I'd been through. Sexually, socially, but I'm not gonna get into that. Mostly because that would come of as a bit narcissistic with the seemingly rude comparison of plight. It's like comparing holocaust with U.S. slavery, you just don't do it. Also, even with my icon, with a literal lack of I.D., I would rather not all. But, ya, just sayin' mutuality to some extent with, I'm sure, more than just me. So many things, to where it seems like you're insane with your "saneness", yuh know? Because, if the rest of the world has the mentality that is the norm...ya. So, just saying I felt for you, and my throat got some major lump-idge.

    (Now I'm off to read your blog prior to this one, because I skipped to read the other stuff.)

  6. Happy Anniversary.

    I have one question. I only read GTC a couple months ago for the first time. I note that various sections have chapter headings and others do not. For the ones that d, there Chapters 1 - 12 are present with the exception of one (I believe Chapter 6). I don't know whether this was just an error borne of writing in the moment or not, but is there a chapter missing?

  7. I've been coming to the site for what seems like a year now, and I'm glad I did. I guess I'm not bothered by confessionals because I was reading Christopher Priest's (formerly Jim Owsley) confessional about his days with Marvel was disheartening to hear that The House of Ideas had racists, but I noticed that no one flipped out and called Priest names or claimed he had a vendetta against Marvel.

    Anyway, congrats, and hopefully your story will make certain no one else goes through what you went through.

    P.S. I finally figured out that you look like my co-worker Erin, only with longer hair. Weird!

  8. Nice dental work, too. Mazel tov!

  9. Wow. I just read the entire GTC, and I've got say if you can make this little slice of life story this interesting I can't wait for your Cloak and Dagger book.