Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Want To Be An Intern At Valiant Entertainment?

Valiant Entertainment, a growing comic book/graphic novel publisher and licensor, has an immediate opening for a full-time office intern...This is an exceptional opportunity for the right person with a real desire to work with comic books and graphic novels. Potential duties include helping to develop marketing campaigns and recommendations for new comic products, market/competitive research, in-store product review, working on the development of major digital marketing initiatives and the unique opportunity to take part in the process of developing comics with the industry's top talent and some of the comics most popular characters of all time.

See the full Craigslist ad here

1 comment:

  1. Warning Bell #1: Listed on Craigslist, but no listing on, which crawls the web looking for postings.

    Warning Bell #2: TBA is the VP of Marketing, the Editor in Chief, and the Creative Director.

    Warning Bell #3: According to Books in Print, Valiant currently does not have trade distribution. Curious, in that Diamond Book usually will acquire trade distribution of GN publishers deemed worthy.

    Warning Bell #4: According to Books in Print, Valiant has only published two graphic novels, one in August 2007, one in April 2008.

    But then, it's an unpaid internship, and it's unlikely that the company will fail during the short period of the internship.