Monday, May 18, 2009

New Comixology Column: "Comics-Op"

So I have finally gotten the go-ahead to pimp my grand-spanking new column on Comixology, Comics-Op.

The first col should be up on Friday, and I will link to it here when it's up so you all will know.

The idea behind the column is to report on comics news, but to do it in an interesting, original, and relevant way.

Sometimes I'm asked to promote this or that, and the question I always have – and I have this question for my day-job clients too – is, "what's the angle?" How do we make your story jump out from the crowd? Yes, there are many comics debuting this week – what makes yours special? And how do we present that specialness in the most succinct and attention-grabbing way possible?

And that's really the philosophy behind Comics-Op – to make these stories jump out from the crowd. To crack open a standard press release and shake out the good stuff.

Also, I hope to have a few good bits of gossip and "scoops" here and there, though that's not the focus. I'll leave that to the experts. :-)

Anyway, hope to see you there.


  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Those specific action figures, behind your right (for the viewer left) shoulder... Intentionally?

    Looking forward to your new column!...

  2. Too cool.
    Looking forward to it.