Thursday, May 21, 2009

"V" Remake Trailer

May contain possible "LOST" spoilers...


  1. Hey, it's got that guy from the 4400. Good enough for me! ;)

  2. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Wow, that looked surprisingly crappy.

    Just like how Rob Zombie completely missed the point of Halloween, the writers/creators seemed to completely miss the point of having the main characters DAUGHTER fall for an alien.

    Oh well. They'll have a fun little pre-recorded answer for that at Comic-Con.

  3. It lost me as soon as I saw there would be no red and black jumpsuits.

  4. Anonymous1:49 AM

    Rargh! Just saw the Lost Finale tonight...NO! Yet, I'm not counting anything out, frankly.

    And this looks good. But, if V has taught us anything, looks can be deceiving. I'll watch it. Needs more Marc Singer, though.

  5. That's...

    You know, that's actually pretty cool.

  6. Brian - Um, isn't it kind of up to the producers to determine what the "point" of any part of the series is?

    Sounds like some bitter nerd rage going on here. ;)

  7. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Not really. If you're making a remake, you sure as hell better have an idea of what you are remaking.

  8. Looks like another BSG type remake where people from other planets coincedently where the exact same clothes as us.

  9. And Hollywood keeps f--king our childhood...

    1) No red Visitor unis
    2) No Robert Englund as a pacifist pot-smoking Visitor who didn't want to be a soldier, he wanted to be a chameleon.
    3) No Marc Singer (!)
    4) We already know the big plot twist: Soylent Green is PEOPLE! Wait, wrong twist! Trees are killing us! Wait, very wrong and poorly written twist! Bruce Willis was dead the whole time! Wait...
    5) No rodents getting et.

  10. Anonymous2:14 AM

    I feel that I need to clarify my earlier comment about being "sure as hell" in regards to "the point" of the originals versus the remake:

    I know Carpenter told Zombie to make the Halloween remake his own monster. I also know Carpenter hates the remakes of his films, which is beside the point. It seemed like Zombie was making a fanfic instead of an actual movie. Zombie wants to show us what made Myers? Fine. But at least put some research into what makes a serial killer. I was watching an hour and a half of the most horrible, fucked up shit happening to this little kid. Zombie was so busy jacking off to what he thought the original needed that he lost sight of what made the original such a good film in the first place. Star Trek did the opposite: they didn't actually add anything new to the franchise, they just ACCENTED it.

    That's what I meant about making sure you know what you are remaking.

  11. Mike Behan10:01 AM

    I want to see the original cast members make an appearance in the new series. Bring back Marc Singer. Did you know he has a facebook page: