Sunday, May 10, 2009

Let's Play A Game

This is a game that keeps me motivated to write, helps me finish up a bunch of half-finished stories and premises I have littering up the computer, and forces me to come up with fast content on a regular basis. You, teh reader, benefit (or not).

Every Thursday I will send out an update to an email list of whatever original story (fiction or non-fiction) I am serializing. This will be a free PDF, and consist of anywhere from one to several chapters. When a story is finished being serialized, you will have a book (or short story, novella, etc). These stories will be covered under a Creative Commons License, that will give you permission to electronically distribute the work as long as you credit it me, etc.

The current novel being serialized is called CONSPIRACY! You can read about it here, with an excerpt here. CONSPIRACY! is eight chapters in so far.

The next update for CONSPIRACY! is Thursday, May 14th, and will consist of three chapters.

To get on the mailing list, email me here. Those who have already emailed me for CONSPIRACY! should have (or shortly have) the first 8 chapters; new list members will get all eleven chapters at the next update.

The name of this email list will be called THE FLORIDA SWAMPWATER LIST; once you become a member of this list, you will feel like an awesome human being. There is no guarantee regarding the genre or subject matter of each story or work. Unless otherwise noted, assume these works are for mature readers only.

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  1. Anonymous11:31 PM

    I've often thought about doing thids method myself.