Friday, May 22, 2009

Comics-Op Column Update

Hey all,

My first Comics-Op column at Comixology will be bumped to early next week, as to not get trampled by the Memorial Day vacation rush. Will keep you updated.

We've got some good stuff lined up, including a great mini-interview with Archie Comics about the Archie wedding issue – I'm really, really pleased with how that turned out (and they have an awesome sense of humor).

That said, I still have time to squeeze in any breaking news, tips, etc. -- please email me (using the envelope icon on the right sidebar) with any good stuff.

I'm sure I will be posting over the weekend -- but wishing you a great Memorial Day weekend!



  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    More like Team Fortress 2 Day Weekend.

    Wow. I just got the irony.

  2. Anonymous7:30 PM

    wait not irony