Friday, May 15, 2009

Occasional Superheroine Now Available On Kindle

For just $1.99 a month you can subscribe to Occasional Superheroine on your Kindle device! Be the first on your block!



  1. Wow... Amazon gets to keep $1.40 of that price AND gets to set the pricing... but it's a 30% royalty, and you own the rights.

    Well, I'm reading this for free on my Palm Treo via Sprint (okay, I pay for the phone, but I also read it at work), so I guess getting some money from Boss Smiley is better than none.

    Do let us know how this works out in three months time? And how it compares with your donations and ad revenue?

    Are you converting your Memoir to Kindle?

  2. I'm offering it on Kindle strictly to get the blog out there to new users -- and because I really think that once Kindle realizes its full potential, it will be the next big media platform.

    I held back on offering the memoir through Kindle, mostly because of the huge cut Amazon takes -- but I'm going to go down that route anyhow, also for reaching a larger audience.

  3. Whoa! That's crazy! Does Kindle convert your graphic to black and white or does it ignore them completely?