Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl Commericals

You see, I totally get the whole hubbub about Superbowl commercials now. They are largely designed and targeted for people who wouldn't even give a rat's behind about football. It's ingenious. They tune in for the commercials. Or just watch them on Hulu. And before I watch the Superbowl commercial on Hulu -- THEY PLAY A DAMN COMMERCIAL!

(note: these Hulu links may not work depending on where you live. If they don't, try YouTube. Though they are yanking some of these commercials off of YouTube. Because God forbid. You pirate. COMMERCIALS!)

Angels and Demons: "Oh crap, Ewan MacGregor is a priest! David! David, did you see this, he's a &%$#$ priest! David!"

Land of The Lost: Now I hate Will Ferrell all over again.

Heroes Football: The most inspirational fantasy/sports hybrid since NFL Superpro.

Alec Baldwin "Huluwood": Baldwin seems to be making a real cottage industry out of playing the evil but lovable gasbag, isn't he? Have you checked out his IMDB entry lately? Profile picture from ten years ago. "Raven haired, suavely handsome..." Who wrote this entry and when? Then this passage: "Unfortunately, Baldwin fell out with Paramount Studios over future scripts for Jack Ryan, and subsequent Ryan roles went to Harrison Ford. It was a minor blip on Baldwin's horizon, and he then contributed interesting performances as a lowlife thief pursued by dogged cop Fred Ward in Miami Blues (1990)..." Minor blip on his horizon? That ill-conceived decision blew his chances of being a dashing Hollywood leading man forever. And oh yes, the trivia section says he loves Cuban cigars: "Some guys smoke good Dominicans, other guys smoke great Jamaicans. I only smoke the best - Havanas!"

Heheheheh...CUBANS! That's a good cigar!
He's a gasbag, but we love him, and Liz Lemon would sorta totally do him, or at least, wouldn't completely vomit.

Transformers 2: "David! Transformers 2! With Shia! Shia's more serious in this one! This is like "The Dark Knight" of Transformers movies! David! Look at this!"

Pepsi MacGruber: Well, we all knew having Richard Dean Anderson make an appearance on this SNL parody was inevitable. Anderson looks now the way Adam West looked like in 1986. Do the math.

Pepsi Max: You see, this is the sort of commercial some "men's rights" group should target as making males look like dumbasses. Pepsi Max is like the Ax Body Spray of diet colas. I mean, it won't necessarily get you laid, but it's Manly.

Year One: Will Michael Cera's unique brand of sweet, self-effacing, and neurotic humor work in a non-stop comedic romp through Biblical history? And, most importantly -- will Biggus Dickus make an appearance?

Star Trek: (takes in a mouthful of oxygen) "DAVIDDDDDD!!!!!"


  1. You can also find all the commercials reliably and internationally at

  2. Anyone else think it's silly the way NBC markets their dramas? I'm not saying the shows have to be super cereal all the time, but it's hard to get into the vibe of a show when NBC constantly has the characters breaking the fourth wall during in house advertisements.

  3. I didn't watch it for the commercials OR the game (or the halftime show).

    After "1984", what can compare? The only thing that will even come close to the Macintosh ad would be an ad that causes millions of viewers to rush to their computers and ignore the television broadcast.

    The most interesting aspect of this year's commercials were: an amateur advertisement for Doritos scores highest on the USA Today ad meter ratings (and a second ad ranks fifth), raising questions about the effectiveness of Madison Avenue; 3D advertisements; the 1-800 advertisement for gold.

  4. "but it's hard to get into the vibe of a show when NBC constantly has the characters breaking the fourth wall during in house advertisements."

    agreed. the Heroes football ad wasn't just sort of corny, it broke that 4th wall and made it a little harder for me to take the show seriously.

  5. Yeah, when I saw the Year One trailer, all I could think was Life of Brian much? Monty Python are probably not enraged by this, so I will get huffy about it for them.

  6. haha I was going to write a post about Superpro today.

    Best commercial of the night was probably with MC Hammer and Ed McMahon. "Gold hip replacement!"

  7. Hahahahaha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who yells into the other room for their "sweet baboo" to look at what's on the tv.

  8. Alec Baldwin is my husband! Liz Lemmon can wait in line!

    Macgruber (Pepsuber) and GE's If I Only Had A Brain were my two fav's of the night

  9. How about the 3-D ad for "Monsters vs. Aliens"? Hail Ginormica!

  10. And no mention of GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra? Surprised am I....

  11. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Huluwood was the best thing ever.

  12. Didn't see some of this stuff until just now.


    1. MacGruber was funny ONCE. Pepsi wasted its money.

    2. If Heroes featured the, um, heroes using their powers to do mundane things like play football, it would be a much more interesting show.

    3. That Star Trek ad makes me NOT want to see it. Yuck.

  13. I have yet to see a Star Trek ad that makes me want to see the new movie. Not because of how it violates the original series, but just because how it seemingly regurgitates all the lame sci-fi/action movie cliches of the past 10 years or so.

    At least that's the stuff they're putting in the trailer and it just doesn't appeal to me. It's like all the junk I saw before in movies I didn't like, only this time they're wearing Star Trek costumes.

  14. Anonymous7:29 PM

    These links make me wonder when Hulu will be joining the worldwide web.

  15. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I just learned that my film partner, bestest friend, and writer of Zuda's Pray for Death, is an extra in Star Trek.

    I'm calling it a cameo.