Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Tiffany Report: NYCC Madness! (Madness!)

"His hair is so RED!" Tiffany exclaimed
as she totally posed with Joss Whedon.

I know, I have been remiss with my updates for The Tiffany Report (last "t" in "Report" is silent). Luckily, we have several photos here documenting our roving guest-reporter's roving through THE place to be last weekend, New York Comic Con!

"We're no angels" -- Tiffany, Val and Danielle do their version of
"Charlie's Angels" with their magic tiaras of happiness.

Tiffany at Landsdowne Road, with mischievous hand
growing out of her head.
Such is the way at Landsdowne.

"Who, me?" Sweet Danielle O'Brien is the portrait of innocence.

Yeah, Tiffany totally took a photo of that guy from 30 Rock. Totally.

When not blogging, Val hunts wild game and dreams of
oversized George Costanza heads.

Jocelyn Gajeway and Drew Rausch, of Sullengrey fame,
share in the magic that is The Tiffany Report.

A couple of guys Tiffany ran into.
I think they work for that DC webcomic thing. Zuda, is it called?

Thus ends The Tiffany Report. Want to see more Tiffany Reports? Let us know! That might be possible, in between her studying for her Boards and hanging out with that Eric guy.


  1. Ack! This post has had all its comments eaten up! We're looking into it.

    But to paraphrase what was written:
    "wish I was there"

  2. Anonymous5:01 AM

    If the Final Crisis powerpoint that they kept showing wasn't crazy enough, Marvel felt the need to top it with this gem.

  3. Jeff, thanks for your comment, but for some reason blogger is eating up half these posts...

    So you know Tiffany's nickname and *everything* -- very impressive!