Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Coolest People In LOST... my humble opinion:

I don't think there are are three faces from a TV show that have haunted me more than these characters. Proof to me that actors aren't just interchangeable line-readers, but the best of them literally build these characters from the ground up, defining them, breathing them into life.


  1. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Ben Linus is, by far, the most interesting and rich character on the show. Scary, strangely sympathetic, and overall powerful. Any scene with him is gold.

    Locke is great, and while I didn't see last night's episode, I kinda feel that they "nerfed" him a bit since the first season. As in, he's more wishy-washy and less a driving force.

    Hurly is the heart of that show, no question, but his bumbling ways get a little old. As does the lack of real change on his part. If anything, I'd hope he'd be more grown up, more confident in himself, having done some of the things he's done and proven himself to his friends time and again. There's much less reason for him to think himself "crazy" now, and I'd like to see more resolve.

  2. Hugo just cracks me up. Every single time.

    Ben Linus. I felt bad when his daughter got killed, but more for her than for him. He's a tragic character who is likely doomed to destroy himself.

  3. Anonymous3:12 PM

    I think Jack is amazing. Nobody else does, though.

  4. Terry O'Quinn is great regardless of what he's in, and a longtime favourite of J.J. Abrams.

    After all, he and J.J. first hooked up in Alias as FBI Director Kendall, actually an agent of the Department of Special Research heading up Project Black Hole to research the Prophesy of Milo Rambaldi. (Have I watched too much or not? lol)

    Anybody else out there like Alias?

  5. I agree Linus and Locke are the best characters / actors on the show. They both have a way of drawing you in, being sympathetic, and then being complete psychopaths! That's not easy to do.

    I did notice that the female characters on the show are not as deep or interesting, too bad.

  6. I'm surprised Desmond didn't make the cut

  7. Anonymous7:41 PM

    On the females of the show: I dunno. Kate's a little vapid, but Juliet is pretty interesting and cool. Plus, there was no telling who she was siding with at first, and she pulled that off pretty well.

    Brian: I also really like Jack. He's actually the most believable, if not the most dramatically interesting. Can't help but root for him, though.

    Desmond is cool, too. They're all cool.

    Man, i love this show.

  8. Anonymous8:31 AM

    I gotta go with Desmond, Sawyer, and newcomer Daniel Faraday. Loving the show and these characters.

  9. Faraday, all the way. When I have a kid I'm naming it "Faraday the Baby". That whole thing. "Faraday The Baby DeBenedetto". Sure, when it's not a baby anymore (yes, "it"; Faraday the Baby whether male or female) things will get kind of weird, but for those few years that baby will be the coolest mother fucker alive.