Friday, February 27, 2009

Animal Man, RIP

A new six-issue limited series from DC Comics entitled "The Last Days Of Animal Man" will feature, natch, the death of Animal Man. Gerry Conway writing and Chris Batista on pencils. The only thing I'm really excited about regarding this is that I think Chris Batista always wanted to draw Animal Man, and I know he'd do a really good job.

Soon-to-be-famously, in the last four pages of the last issue, a dying Animal Man jumps out of the comic, runs down the hall of the DC Comics editorial offices, and screams, "oh my God! I'm a comic book character!" Then he runs into Grant Morrison, who makes a startling confession to the classic superhero:

"Yeah. It was me. I put the hit out on you. It was part of my exclusive contract. I wanted to have the most awesome version of Animal Man of all time. And now I will."

Unfortunately, the character is being killed off just when he was enjoying an all-time surge of popularity. I mean, with the Darren Aronofsky "Animal Man" movie starring Jason Statham and all. And the line of children's toys.

Hat-tip: Paul


  1. It is more like the Marvel "The End" books from what I have read. It may not even culminate in an actual Death (which would make it more like RIP, hmm)

  2. I know I actually love the Steve Rogers death story arc Brubaker is writing, but can we have a halt to any superhero deaths for awhile? I'm getting death burn-out.

    Although Death of the Endless? Still hot.

  3. I thought Vertigo had a lock on the character, where he could only be used with their permission? That's what Didio said; the only reason they let him into 52 was because Morrison was writing him. Why have they been just going willy nilly using him for bullshit projects? Does DC now call "dibs" after his role in 52?

  4. I don't know if you are joking about there being a Animal Man movie. Because if there was an Animal Man movie DC might kill off Animal Man. That is their mojo, right?

    See also, hey Marvel lets make there be a confusing Red Hulk & also Iron Man is a jerk-fascist. SMOOTH!