Monday, February 23, 2009

This Video Must Play At My Birthday Party

I have decided that this video, "Rainbow Brite: It's Your Birthday Party!" must play on my birthday today, preferably on a big plasma-screen TV, maybe at home, maybe at a sports bar.

Points of note:

1) This video was designed to be played during an actual birthday party; if you notice, sometimes the characters will stop talking long enough to give you a chance to respond. Then, whether you have responded or not, they will continue as if you said something. Don't watch this video alone for extended periods of time, as the effect will be akin to that movie "Videodrome."

2) That big mascot outfit with the freaky moving lips for Rainbow Brite was not necessary; they should have just dressed up some girl for the part. Cuz this looks kinda creepy.

3) For those who don't know, Rainbow Brite was a 1980s cartoon character with her own toy line (or, rather, toy with her own cartoon show). She was not as awesome as Strawberry Shortcake, but more beloved than Herself the Elf.

4) Twink the big white puffball did not, to my knowledge, have such a big role in the Rainbow Brite cartoon as he/she has here. I do not believe this is "canon," so when puzzling out questions of continuity regarding Twink, please refer to the cartoon (which is "canon"). Also, Twink had a tragic history, as he/she was tossed into a pit by Murky Dismal and had all his/her color stripped out; hence Twink being the only white Sprite in Rainbowland. If you watch carefully, you can see the pain behind the smiles.

5) My favorite line is after Rainbow Brite sings her version of "Happy Birthday." Twink says, "You made the song sound completely different!"

6) This video is a pretty good encapsulation of the kid culture that was shoved down our throats in the mid-1980s. On one hand, I think the children of the current generation have evolved past the point where they could enjoy this sort of pablum. On the other hand, it was the aesthetic of shows/toys like Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony and others that helped set the tone for a lot of the "ironically hip" pop-culture we currently enjoy.

7) Happy Birthday To Me! Ha!


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Too funny.

    I hope you have a very happy birthday.

  2. Is it OK if I just wish you a happy birthday with watching the video?

    Rainbow Brite makes my teeth ache.

  3. You've obviously never watched Dora the Explorer, or Lazy Town, or Oobie, or (worst of all by FAR) Boohbah.

  4. Happy Birthday. Boy, am I glad I grew up watching crappy 70s cartoons and the drug inspired lunacy of the Krofft brothers. Yeah, all those shows technically sucked as well, but the 80s cartoons (toy delivery vehicles) really blew. First the Smurfs went from tchotchkes to a cartoon and then I remember observing at 11 or 12 that He-man, GI Joe, and Transformers were merely there to sell toys and I was appalled at the lack of authenticity.

    Charles Nelson Reilly as the Hoodoo Guru will always be awesome in my memory.

  5. Hi Val,
    I sent you a happy b-day message on Facebook a couple of days ago but you probably don't frequent it much (still awaiting befriendication) I'll simply join in with the gang here wishing you a big & merry one!

  6. Happy Birthday.

    Have a good day.
    George Morrow

  7. Sorry Im Late but... Happy B-Day V, and also Happy Mardi Gras!!!!

  8. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Happy birthday Valerie. Is the rest of your party Rainbow Brite themed as well? Maybe i shouldn't ask.

    That is strangely enthralling video. Lots of misplaced talent on display there, between the juggling, dancing, signing kids and the high tech animatronic mascot head. That thing must have weighed a ton. I could swear that the poor woman wearing it almost fell over a coule of times.

  9. Anonymous1:42 AM

    Happy birthday!

  10. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Now I don't remember watching the regular cartoon that much (probably cuz I was afraid of reprisal from my friends), but I remember the movie "Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer" being rather dark. Some evil queen was stealing all the light from some planetoid which was causing the earth to plunge into a never-ending winter. I also remember being entertained by it. Probably the sci-fi element.
    If you havent seen it you should check it out.

    That video was awesomely coked out btw.

    Hope you had a good birthday!