Monday, February 23, 2009

One More Try

"...the 'nethate over FC is unlike anything I've seen in a long, long time, and it's only fueled by the fact that DC editorial staffers were making fun of Grant in public ON THE NYCC DC PANEL, which is really reprehensible and unprofessional behavior. Really, you'd think Grant had somehow Destroyed DC Comics. I'm cranky about it on Grant's behalf, because I generally believe that hate and vitriol should be reserved for people who deliberately try to do you harm, not people who try and sometimes fail to entertain you."
-- Mark Waid, Boom Studios message boards.

hat-tip: Lying In The Gutters

Seriously, for Mark, I'll give the whole Morrison/Crisis/Batman thing another chance.

I'm serious, I'll actually sit down and reevaluate the entire thing, soup to nuts. As an organic whole. And evaluate it against any barriers said or unsaid to the final product.

This might take me a long time, as there are copious chapters and issues of said Morrison thing, and I am a girl of modest means. And I'm not being sarcastic -- it will probably take me at least a year to find, read, and digest (including "52").


  1. You can probably pare things down to how Grant himself recommended it be read and get the full experience:

    Final Crisis #1-3
    Superman Beyond #1-2
    (pretend "Legion of 3 Worlds" ended)
    Final Crisis: Submit
    Final Crisis #4–5
    Batman #682–683
    Final Crisis #6–7

  2. Sounds like Waid himself says Morrison 'failed' with this effort. Wouldn't that make him just another hater?

  3. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Okay, whatever happened to ignoring what clearly insane fans say on the internet?

    Honestly, it's not helping the creators to say stuff like this. It's making them look petty.

  4. I mean, I'll tell you right now that I think he failed. I also will say that DC is even crazier than Marvel: I mean, Iron Man comes out & they make Tony Stark a fascist who gets beat up alot. Hulk comes out & they do "Red Hulk." DC though? Batman comes out, makes a billion dollars, & they..."kill" Batman? Kill him with purple costumes & what? What?

  5. Anonymous7:46 AM

    and while your doing that, I'll repeatedly hit my junk with a hammer... Bet we feel the same way afterwards.

  6. You could reasonbly skip the Batman issues in Sean's list.

    I loved it, but it was written for readers like me, I think. I've been catching up on the Fourth World Omnibus', absolutely loved the 7 soldiers Mister Miracle series, read Rucka's checkmate and like going on the internet and trying to figure out little things I missed in issues of a comic.

    It only took five comments for Waid's point to be reinforced :)

  7. I thik it just bespeaks the lameness and crappiness of DC, where they worked so hard to say how awesome Final Crisis was - what, either they were lying, or they were shouting the awesomeness out of ignorance, which is also lying.

    And now that the majority has decided to reject their "awesomeness," they try to play it off like they side with the majority.


  8. If you REALLY want to go whole hog, you really need the read Morrison's Seven Soldiers. Or at least, Mister Miracle.
    Moreso than 52, that's for sure.

  9. I dunno. I was at those panels. I didn't hear any maliciousness in any of Didio's comments.

    I heard light-hearted acknowledgment that many fans were confused and, probably, that some of the DC staff were confused by it, too.

    I was really glad they showed how Batman RIP fit into Final Crisis. They way it fit together just did not occur to me and probably never would have.

  10. I think Mark's point was, it's OK to not like FC, but he does not understand the stronger rhetoric used by some about it and Grant.

    If you think it's a confusing mess then Grant failed to do his job. But some people appear to take it personally.

  11. I found Final Crisis unreadable to the point where I stopped buying it before the end and see no reason to buy the issues I've missed.

    I would think that readers are allowed to express whatever opinion they wish about comic books. If they're criticizing Grant Morrison personally, that's unnecessary.

    In contrast, I think that 52 was an exceptionally good series, not for the concept, but because it gave some good minor characters a chance to shine. In fact that best part about 52 was that it strayed from the overall concept in order to tell good stories. Booster Gold, Black Adam, Ralph Dibny and the Question never looked so good. John Henry Irons and the rest did okay.

    (By the way there's a space missing in your post. I had to look at the original post to figure out that 'nethate was 'net hate.)

  12. Mark Waid is telling the rest of the world to control their anger?

    Uh... okay.

  13. Grant Morrison has no clothes. There. I said it.

  14. curious why waid's in a twist. what did the dc staffers say or do to ridicule grant at the convention?

    was it the flowchart?

  15. That's what I'm wondering as well as it seems like the stuff said at the con was just echoing items Morrison answered during both of his Newsarama interviews.