Thursday, February 19, 2009

Email Press Releases, Info, Etc. To This Address

Hi all,

I'm moving my posts on just regular ol' comic news stuff to Comic Book Junction. This includes link dumps, most previews, most interviews, etc. The OS will still serve as a blog that I run looking at comic books from a personal perspective, and I will still have posts like "what comics I'm going to buy today." But all the "non-denominational" ("bipartisan?" -- in terms of Marvel/DC/etc -- we will have a broad-based focus on a number of publishers with equal weight on each where relevant) no-frills comic book & toy stuff will be at CBJ.


  1. The new site looks nice. It makes me a little sad, but it looks nice and I will certainly be a reader where ever you are posting things. Hope it works out great for you.

  2. I re-read your post again... not sad at all! good stuff.