Sunday, February 01, 2009

Adama Will Kill You

Conversation I had yesterday while watching Battlestar Galactica with a friend (no spoilers, I think):

"Adama will kill you. He is not f**king around."

"Agreed. Adama will f**k you up and not even be crazy about it. He'll be all calm."

"He's kind of rotund, but he will totally kick your ass."

"I think he's sexy. I mean, he is a little rotund, but he's hot."

"Well, he had sex with Roslin. But you didn't see him naked or anything, you just saw his arm."

"Wait -- is that Richard Hatch?"

"Where have you been?"

"He looks so old."

"He's a major character on this show."


"Gaeta is totally going to get airlocked."



  1. Gaeta better get airlocked...friggin' Judas.

  2. I hope they put a bullet through Gaeta's face, and this is coming from the guy who abhors killing of all kind. XD

    What irritates me about this show is that it can change from episode to episode whether or not I like a character. It's kind of irritating, but Adama has been consistantly awesome.

    The last episode was irritating in the start, but it was filled with great character moments by the end.

  3. Anonymous4:43 PM

    That was the best dictation ever.

  4. Gaeta is ALREADY airlocked but he just don't know it yet...peg-legged traitorous motherf***er

  5. Umm, Maybe Gaeta and Tom Zarek particularly are correct, at least based upon the information available to them. You are talking about the entities that killed over 99.999 percent of the human population.

    Their perspective is completely understandable.

  6. It took Eddie Olmos a lotta years to grow into that face, but he finally managed it. The EJO from Miami Vice was just a skinny, ugly dude... the older, bulked-up version has more of a leading-man bearing.

  7. I love Adama. Isn't it weird, though, that through the first 3 seasons or so the civilian leader Roslin was often the more militant of the Adama/Roslin duo? She was the one who came up with the whole "airlocking" thing in the first place.

    I bring this up because it seems to violate the cliche of the civilian being all namby-pamby and pacifistic. Usually these things tend to side with the military more. Adama, however, is the military man with a conscience. And it's that conscience that enables him to make seemingly cold-blooded decisions like when he told Kara Thrace, "When you hear me say 'Downfall,' I want you to pull out your weapon ... and shoot Admiral Cain in the head."

    Even when he hates making the decision. Edward James Olmos played that scene perfectly, with a perfect mix of regret and hard-assery. I don't know what he's up to since I haven't gotten around to ordering the season 4.0 DVDs yet and they're only showing season 2 on SuperDrama TV here in Japan, but yeah...

    I love me some Adama!

  8. I also forgot that Roslin was the person who convinced Adama he had to kill Cain in the first place. It's not clear who came to that conclusion first, but she voiced it first and he at least pretended to reject it: "I'm not an assassin."

    But Adama is. At needs, he is.

  9. Adama is the 12th Cylon, right? The one with the most power and the most trust, the one who would cause the most devastation as a result.