Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sassy Assy: The Power Of Great Branding

Let me make it clear that I have no particular interest in the particular entity that is Sassy Assy. None. This post is not about Sassy Assy per se. It's about the power of advertising and great branding.

Ask me what I remember about New York Comic Con this year, and two things immediately come to mind. The first is the giant George Costanza head on the banner across from the High Moon/Night Owls booth. I used that head repeatedly as a landmark to find the booth.

The second thing I remember about NYCC: Sassy Assy.

What a great name. I don't even mean that in a sarcastic way. Sassy Assy is a memorable name. It stood out. It rhymes. To call it "clever" might be stretching it too far. But it's catchy. It's Sassy Assy.

I initially assumed that Sassy Assy was an actual person, a Tila Tequila type personality. But actually, Sassy Assy is the name of a line of clothing shops. Representing the clothing shops are the Sassy Assy Models. Or maybe that's the other way around. The branding, while memorable, didn't initially make that clear. To be a Sassy Assy is like to be a Suicide Girl but without the drama. Oh, maybe there is still drama, but it's upbeat. The women dress like schoolgirls, but they're happy schoolgirls.

But that isn't the point. The point is -- their advertising worked. And not even the cheesecake elements on the banner, which I totally didn't remember. It was the name. The name got stuck in my brain. And, despite myself, I still remember it: Sassy Assy.

When coming up with the name for your website, comic book, or other venture, remember the lesson of Sassy Assy. Now, their name was a bit risque, but they're selling risque. But whatever you are selling, think of how to make it catchy. Maybe this will involve a giant George Costanza head. Maybe rhyming will be involved. But whatever the case -- be remembered. Stand out from the crowd.

Now, there is the separate issue of whether a lingerie/stripper shoes/sexy schoolgirl outfits store should be at NYCC anyway. Who is to say if the ren faire corsets are acceptable and the skin-tight Brazilian jeans are not. That's not for me to judge. Maybe next year I'll use my connections and import Brazilian jeans and sell them at a table at New York Comic Con. Mini-comics and Brazilian jeans. It might work.

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