Monday, April 14, 2008

Titans #1: The Agony And The Ecstasy

My mind is slightly blown from the amount of things I have to do to prepare for New York Comic Con, so 'scuse me if I ramble.

Wow, so now even Matt Brady gets attacked on his own website for trying to keep the peace, huh?

When Matt tells the poster "Booster Gold" on the Newsarama Titans #1 review thread to tone down his criticism of reviewer Troy Brownfield, hilarity ensues.

Matt: "You did not like the review. Fair enough. YOU liked the book, the reviewer did not. Fine. You are now treading perilously close to making personal insults about the reviewer ("he isn't as smart as he thinks he is"), which will not end well."

At this point, a number of posters including "Booster Gold" come in to criticise Matt for threatening to "boot" Booster. One poster, "Hawkangel," writes to Brady:

"OK, well let me say this then Matt. I suggest you choose your reviewers more wisely next time. This whole post obviously got a bad reaction from the majority of people that have posted here and if they are one step away from name-calling and insults as you say, doesn't this tell you something about the original review? Hmmm...what was that? No, I wasn't insulting or name-calling. I was just giving you a friendly warning (as you were doing to so many people here), so there's no need to ban me."

Now Matt is on the defensive, put in the position to defend over and over again why he warned "Booster Gold." He is being attacked for trying to keep things civil on HIS OWN WEBSITE.

Another commenter complains:

"Newsarama is not a democracy. They do not encourage free thinking or permit free speech (outside of their accepted forum guidelines). Name calling and disputing dictator commentary will get you banned from NewsaramaLand."

God, you know, this all sounds rather familiar. Didn't Blog@Newsarama post something on this several weeks back? What was the topic again? Oh yes: should I be allowed to moderate comments on my own blog. Now I remember.

Well, should Matt Brady be allowed to moderate comments on the forum on his own site?

Of course he should.

As for my own opinion on Titans #1...

I've decided to skip it. Yes, instead of picking up a book that, let's face it, I can see right off the bat will not be my personal cup o' tea, I'm going to skip it. And read the two volumes of the new Blue Beetle -- a book that I have been assured I would really like -- instead. I mean, what could I possibly add to the Titans #1 conversation that hasn't already been said?

Titans #1 seems to be a particular type of book going for a particular type of audience, and either that particular audience is going to buy it up in droves like they do books like All-Star Batman and JLA or they won't. DC seems to be particularly pushing Green Lantern and Geoff Johns lately. That would seem to be a better direction to go in than what little I've seen and what volume I have heard about Titans.

I think DC should just stick with the "Johns Genre" books, stick with the upcoming "Trinity" comic, and then concentrate on books like Robin, Blue Beetle, and Birds of Prey as ones with good stories that teenagers can read and enjoy as well as adults -- their version of Marvel's Runaways or Ultimate Spider-Man/X-Men. Because females as well as males are very receptive to those titles, and I think anywhere you can maximize and diversify your readership base, you should take advantage of it.