Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ms. Marvel's Cow Mouth, Fat Ass, And Whore's Heart

from Mighty Avengers #11

Look, I love Marvel and I have enjoyed a number of Brian Michael Bendis-penned comics. But, this type of stuff has completely alienated me from the two main Avengers titles. To the point where I never buy them anymore, I just buy the Initiative book. I know Doctor Doom is a dick -- I get it. But, I still don't want to read stuff like this. And from the standpoint of Doom being a Marvel character that is licensed across a wide range of products, both for adults and children, it's just not smart. There were other ways to show Doctor Doom is a bad guy besides calling Ms. Marvel a whore. Ask Stan Lee when you have the chance.

As Steve Bennett of ICv2 writes:

"Anyone wishing to argue that his language makes the situation more "realistic" should be advised that if it were realistic, Dr. Doom would just shoot everyone in the head and we could all go and sell stamps or something."

(with a tip of the hat to Journalista)