Friday, April 18, 2008

New York Comic Con In Photos: Friday

Me with the blogosphere's Digital Femme, Cheryl Lynn.

Me and future OS columnist Mordicai Burke.

One half of Zuda's Night Owls: Peter Timony

Girl Wonder's Kate Fitzsimons proudly shows her colors.

The MoCCA/Friends of Lulu Crew:
Marion Vitus, Allan Dorison, Matt Murray, and me.

Comic Mix's Elayne Riggs and inker supremo Robin Riggs.

OS regular William Gatevackes and his wife.

The awesome volunteers at the Friends of Lulu table:
OS regular Mordicai Burke, Matt Mowczko, Marion Vitus, and
new New York Chapter Friends of Lulu President Danielle O'Brien.
Seated: Signer Alisa Harris

High Moon's Steve Ellis and David Gallaher.

I told Jeff Trexler: you're a comics celebrity now! Jeff is the author of a series of informative posts on Newsarama giving some insight on the Siegel Superman ruling. He's pictured here with his wife law professor Susan Scafidi.