Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Premiere: Brand New Friends of Lulu Art!

In honor of Friends of Lulu's appearance at New York Comic Con this weekend, I wanted to unveil a new piece of Lulu art that will be making its debut on our brochures:

This Lulu was drawn by the very talented Danielle Corsetto, of Girls With Slingshots fame.

What do you all think?

And remember, Friends of Lulu will be at booth #840 at New York Comic Con, sharing a table with MoCCA (Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art)! Please feel free to drop by, pick up a brochure or two, and check out these two great comic book non-profits!

Also, be sure to drop by our panels and see such luminaries as Gail Simone, Heidi MacDonald, and so many more! Marvel & DC editors! Becky Cloonan! Barbara Slate! Archie Comics! C'mon, people! This is going to be awesome!