Thursday, September 10, 2009

Betty, Interrupted

The wedding of Archie Andrews to Veronica Lodge has been a happy occasion for almost everyone in Riverdale. But one burning question remains:

Indeed, what about poor Betty, who was so cruelly dumped by her longtime crush?

Well, Betty has...issues.

Thankfully, her old school chum Midge has stepped in to bring her spirits up through companionship and song:

However, some days are better than others for Poor Betty, as she copes with losing the love of her life:

What is it about that red-haired and freckled-faced boy that inspires such intense devotion?

I guess we will never know.

...that's Archie #601, on sale next week!


  1. He's still got it. Ralph Malph, that is.

  2. Izwan Kamal Tan6:24 PM

    I love this piece. Made my morning.