Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Valerie Shrugged

I was going to write out my analysis/reactions to this Bleeding Cool article about who might be the next Publisher of DC Comics, but I don't think it is really necessary.

Suffice to say that each day this news item develops, I feel more and more of this incredibly heavy burden that's shadowed me for the last five years lift from my shoulders. I am actually shocked at how quickly it is happening, how much better I feel about comics in general and DC in particular. And I'm actually so very happy about it, about everything, because I had accepted long ago that as the result of my experiences I could no longer enjoy any of that publisher's characters again. That, to me, was the biggest tragedy; that I had felt this wall separating me from appreciating and taking comfort in these important figures from my childhood. I know it sounds completely corny and stupid to say that I finally realized that it "wasn't their fault" – but that's pretty much what happened.

Superman is about Truth and Justice. He never stopped being about that.