Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Absolute Nerdiest Thing I Do... watch people on YouTube talk about horror movie DVDs. Or even better and nerdier: horror VHS!!!!*

And that, readers, is the most dastardly, nerdy thing I engage in.

I am properly ashamed and looking for more acceptable ways to spend my time.




*EDIT: that's out-of-print (OOP). Anybody with me on this? Or am I just hopelessly insane with nerditude?


  1. Anonymous11:02 PM

    .... I watch walkthroughs and speed runs of video games....

  2. ".... I watch walkthroughs and speed runs of video games...."

    (hangs head in shame) so do I!

    But mostly really bad Atari stuff from the 80s.

  3. I watch Monkees videos and TV news bloopers. I wasn't even aware you COULD watch people talking about old horror movie DVDs and VHS tapes.

  4. Erm... not only do I watch walkthroughs and speed runs of video games, but I... uh... record them and post them on YouTube. And add audio commentary. (You can look me up--GeminiLaser is my moniker.)

    And that's one of the more socially acceptable things I do with my nerd time. Val, I think your secret's safe with us!

  5. What do they say about the horror movie DVDs? I WATCH horror movie DVDs, but I don't watch discussions, usually.

  6. Ha you think thats nerdy. Well it is but not nearly as nerdy as spending and hour watching Anime AMVs and Warcraft machinima music videos, and not just watching them but commenting one them.

    Haha I win.

    Oh wait no I just made myself sad.

  7. I've done this - I have a friend who does horror movie reviews online, too.

    And not this Saw junk...but the old grindhouse type stuff with bad fake blood and low production values.

  8. You two are vile and disgusting nerds/geeks and... /heavysigh

    I'm projecting again, aren't I?

  9. "What do they say about the horror movie DVDs?"

    It's a little bit of reviews coupled with extreme fetish-worship of the DVD as a collectible object that one hunted down and purchased.

    I mean, some of these vids are just the guy showing you the DVD or VHS he just bought -- panning shelves, opening up boxes.

    I really feel like I'm watching porn when I sit and watch these things. I think porn would actually seem less shameful.

    That said, there is this dude on Youtube that has like the best most awesome collection of horror VHS and he racks them up like an actual video rental store and IT'S SO DAMN COOL!!!!!! Clamshell boxes, yeahhhhh!!!

    (I worked two years in a vid rental place)

  10. I simulate wrestling matches in the games Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium and Fire Pro Wrestling Returns. The former on an emulator, and the latter on my ps2.

    The games have really good A.I., which makes for exciting matches to watch.

  11. Clamshells?! CLAMSHELLS???!!!

    That's 3 years of repressed memories of working in a video games shop in the early ninties you just brought flooding back.

    I repressed those for a REASON you know.

    Darn you.

  12. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Humm, som many possibilities. There isn't one absolute things, but several minor and major stuff. Like find this joke funny: "If Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder, then the DM is cheating, because Beholders don't have Magic Jar according to the Monster Manual!"

    Quoting Vimes' boots on discussion about social politics.

    Or worse, some ask who's your hero, and you answer captasus with casket of sorcery :P

    In my defense, those things make complete sense within my social circles :P

    It doesn't help with the ladies, though ... :P

  13. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Have you also ever heard "Ding Dong The Witch is Dead" and wonder just what hell she would be in, according to D&D, if she went "where the Goblins go"?

  14. Anonymous2:45 PM

    This entry reminds me that I need to buy a copy of Drag Me To Hell when it comes out next week. I love that movie.