Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dennis O' Neil On Comic Book Writing

This Bleeding Cool feature with Dennis O'Neil on how to write comic books is worth a look.

I clearly remember the advice O'Neil gave me when I asked him what comic books should I read in order to become a better comic book writer:

"You've already read too many comic books."


  1. My God, I wish Denny O'Neil was advising more aspiring comic book writers.

  2. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Is one of his morsels "don't try to write Watchmen all over again"?

  3. True. Now all you need is to capture an artist and hold him/her hostage until you get 12 full issues paneled out. Then you kidnap an inker, then find a... (FBI knocks at the door) What? Frank Cho? No, I'm not holding him captive in my basement, uh-uh... (runs)

  4. Frank Cho doesn't need a writer. He needs six arms and a case of Red Bull. Then we'll get some gorgeous comics on the racks.