Friday, September 18, 2009

The Weirdest Marvel Crossover Ever???

Read: "Guiding Light"

Yes, that Guiding Light.


  1. Very bizarre indeed. But I think the weirdest was that Marvel Team-Up where Spider-Man attended an episode of the old SNL from when the cast included John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, Jane Curtain, Bill Murray and Garrett Morris and the plot made liberal use of the story from the Beatles' Help!.

    And yet there were no drug references! Not a single scene of Belushi going nuts in a veritable cocaine snowstorm... which is how I always picture backstage at SNL in those days. Or at least Belushi's dressing room. Bill Murray's depicted as sober throughout the story, for corn's sake!

  2. Ha. I actually made a point of watching that episode of "Guiding Light" to see if they'd try to build on the fact that the comic had them in continuity with each other. Instead it was kind of a lame superhero story that had one character reading an Ultimate Spider-Man issue midway through.

    Not that I went in with terribly high expectations, but it was a pretty awful program.

    Now that I think of it, my biggest problem with the whole thing was the fact that the "Guiding Light" ran the risk of losing her powers by coming in contact with water. So to keep her powers she'd have to stop cleaning herself properly. Or stay indoors at all times. Ha. What a terrible idea.

    Have a good day.
    G Morrow

  3. I thought that was Zack and Cody for a minuet there.

  4. Weird - and apparently in this continuity, Stark still has a secret identity?

    Also, is the woman in that photo drunkenly falling onto the car or stopping the car. THat is a very awkward pose.

  5. They tried to lure comic readers over to the show. I was at work the time the ep ran so I think I recorded it. The fact I barely remember it proves just how unremarkable it was.

  6. Ha! Never heard of that!

    Now I'm hoping that Days of Our Lives will someday have Diedre Hall reprise her role as ElectraWoman.

  7. Action figure vs. doll
    Comic book vs. soap opera

    Hate to tell the truth, but they are more similar than one might think. According to Entertainment Weekly, there were at least SEVEN characters who returned from the dead on Guiding Light.

    Reading an "obituary" about the show, Guiding Light tried to change. Four-wall sets, hand-held cameras, location shooting... and it didn't help.

    Might comics learn something from a radio/television show which was on the air for over seventy years, was run by one of the largest corporations on the planet (Proctor & Gamble), yet could not compete with millenial media?

    The Marvel Team-Up was interesting, but I prefer the Avengers issue with David Letterman. Hawkeye returns from his "honeymoon" with Mockingbird and hardly anyone notices.

  8. Yeah, the Letterman story captures the flavor of Letterman's show better than the SNL story does that show's. It's super-expurgated! Also Dave hits someone with a giant doorknob if I remember it correctly...