Tuesday, July 07, 2009

That Archie Guy Gets Around

From the Archie Comics press release:

Perpetual teen and all-American comic book icon Archie Andrews may have sent shockwaves around the world when it was recently announced he will propose to fussy heiress Veronica Lodge in the 600th issue of the 68 year old comic book (and not girl-next door Betty Cooper), but don’t tell Universal Republic singing sensation Colbie Caillat. The platinum-plus, award winning singer/songwriter has ‘fallen’ for the red-headed Archie in a big way, and will be ushering in her new single “Fallin’ For you” and upcoming new album, BREAKTHROUGH, due out August 25th, by literally ‘fallin’ for Archie in a historic singing match-up splashed inside the pages of Veronica’s very own comic – VERONICA # 196. The combustible issue features Archie and Colbie on the cover playfully readying for their musical debut together while a very wary Veronica looks on!

So is the linchpin of the "Archie mystique" jealous females?

Close-up of Veronica on the cover of the issue in question:



  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    So, do psychotically jealous and possessive female comic book fans boil back issues of Bugs Bunny?

  2. I gotta say I've been more excited by the Archie hype machine this year than I have been by the Marvel and DC hype machines since, God, I don't know... when was the last time Marvel or DC hyped anything and the initial gut reaction wasn't "oh, dear lord how are they going to *$#@ this one up?" Marvels? Kingdom Come? I give Archie and A for effort. Even the "new look" stuff.

  3. Anonymous4:13 PM


  4. Anonymous4:20 PM

    She will be the first to go on Archer's Island.

  5. Is that anger? It looks more like arousal to me.

  6. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Y'know, I've been hearing that it's Betty that you should really be frightened of.

  7. Check out what the Mighty God King blog has to say about Archie & co (Betty in particular):

    I've got a theory as to what the Archie mystique is: Prior to the formation of the Archies, Archie hizzownsef was nothing more than a token in a struggle between two alpha-females. He wasn't so much desirable in and of his own as he was as a slap at the other girl.

    However, since the formation of the Archies, the core group now has some sort of local status as musicians and they realize that status comes only as the result of being part of a group, not as individual performers. Archie is clearly the best musician in the group (or maybe 2nd best, depending on how good Jughead is on drums) and clearly has the leadership capabilities to organize a band, keep it together, and find gigs. Now is IS a desirable commodity on his own.

  8. Wow. She really does have the "crazy eyes" doesn't she?