Thursday, July 09, 2009

Roger Ebert Writes ANOTHER Post On "Transformers 2"

From "This Just In: Hip-Hop Robots In Transformers Only Robots"

Reader: "And just for your info, the two “black” characters in the new movie are not black, they learned how to talk through the World Wide Web, which is why different Transformers talk differently..."

Ebert: "You mean the two robots from an alien world are in fact not actual black people?"

Okay, I think we can all safely say that he's baiting the fanboys at this point...

Seriously, this is becoming like Captain Ahab and the big whale.

EDIT: originally, I referred to this as his 4th post on Transformers 2. But then I realized that I lost count.


  1. Wow. He is really, really cranky about this movie.

  2. "Valerie D'Orazio writes ANOTHER post on Roger Ebert"

  3. Are you counting his answerman column as another post? I think that's questionable. However, I am beginning to agree he should set the tar baby down.

  4. He really needs to let it go. It's just a bad movie connected to a rabid fanbase.

  5. I've yet to see the movie, and I hadn't planned on it. But the more Ebert attacks it, so hilariously each time, the more I need to see it. Preferably in some form of inebriation.

  6. Anonymous1:57 AM

    Wow, Roger Ebert is my new Grandpa. He could never let things go either. Of course with him it was the Germans, not the Transformers.

  7. Anonymous3:09 AM

    Oh god, that was quality.

    You could even tell that the guy was a creepy old man.

  8. Anonymous3:11 AM

    Plus, the subtle racism when he implied that black people = greater than Ebert.

  9. Anonymous3:59 AM

    I'm actually starting to believe that Bay is just using the Transformers to play out his overtly sexist and subtle-but-oh-so-there bigotry views in a non-threatening environment.

    I mean... TF2 is nothing more than a minstrel show.

  10. Anonymous4:17 AM

    Hey, it's his blog... He can write whatever he wants.

    I for one enjoy his writing, and mostly agree with it (and even when I don't, I can't find much at fault with it).

    What would you say when Roger Ebert, on his blog, started the "Valerie D'Orazio Writes ANOTHER Post On Superheroines Being Objectified"?...

    For all I agree with your agenda (on the objectification, that is), leave Ebert to his - and as long as a dungload of money is spent on poop (in making it and in watching it), he definitely has a point.

  11. I mean, yeah, the movie is probably as awful as everyone has said it is*, but this is his third article about the movie, right? I think he might sign up at AICN just to start a flame war.

    * It is most likely worse.

  12. I really, really hated those two characters. A lot.

  13. Anonymous3:47 PM

    I kinda think his post is awesome in the awesomiest way.

    And the caption under the image? "These robots have no ethnicity." Just all kinds of coolness.

    He has all the guile, intelligence and writing ability that I enjoy in Val's posts...not to mention the ability to bait people who occasionally need baiting.

  14. Yes. And Jar Jar Binks and the Gungans are not African-American.

  15. Anybody that connects intelligence to the enjoyment of a movie, no matter how simple or complex, is a ****ing moron.

  16. Wow. He is really, really cranky about this movie.

    So am I. I think he summed up my feelings quite nicely when he was responding to a comment:

    "The movies don't love the robots."

  17. 'Yes. And Jar Jar Binks and the Gungans are not African-American.'

    African American is not an all encompassing phrase for black culture or people. And for your example, Boss Nass was played by a white guy. Brian Blessed who is Odin in the forthcoming Thor movie.

    For Ebert, I can't fault him. that letter was just too easy not to ignore. So its Ok its crap because it was never meant to be great, but to actually call its crapness out is bad. Do people think before they type?

  18. Nathan8:33 PM

    I hope Roger Ebert doesn't pursue this course with future movies he loathes. He just needs to write his post and walk away from it and not get dragged into a quagmire of back and forth with people who are obviously baiting him.

  19. Anonymous1:50 AM

    "Anybody that connects intelligence to the enjoyment of a movie, no matter how simple or complex, is a ****ing moron."

    Are you shitting me?
    I mean, are you actually serious?

    This has to be the single dumbest thing that I have ever heard on the internet. Ever. I am dead serious. This beats out the stuff that clearly insane people on the net have typed.