Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My Big SDCC Post!!!

I can't go.
Maybe next year!
(Actually, definitely next year)


  1. I'm not going this year either, although I imagine it's different for a panelist than one of the mass crowd. It was just extremely crowded and unpleasant last year - seems that it gets exponentially more people every year. I'll watch the panels I want on Youtube and probably see more that way. :/

  2. You won't be missing much. The show sucks now. Last year was a capper. Wait for another New York Comic Con...

  3. Sad panda, indeed. :(

  4. noooo I was looking to meet all the internet celebrities

    I know.
    I wont probably go next year,

    if its about money
    tip just open a paypal donation box and ask for help Val Comicon adventures
    funadation and probably raise the funds in no time,
    And if you ask your comic world friends you could easily share a hotel room

  5. Anonymous12:43 AM

    By all accounts (including my bank), I shouldn't be going.

    Also, don't listen to ScottN01. He sounds like a Mad Panda.

  6. Okay... I hereby suggest we set up a barcon for all those people in the New York area who are not going to San Diego.

  7. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Bummer. I was hoping to get a chance to meet you in person. Oh well, maybe another Con.

  8. I won't be there, either.

    Clearly we should have dinner.