Monday, March 10, 2008

Yep, Moderated Posts Are The Fate Of This Blog Too

It happens with a lot of blogs...especially, strangely, a number of blogs run by women.

After a rash over a period of months of being pelted by "overly relentless and negative commenters who occasionally cross the line," the owner of the blog decides to either

a) Take away comments completely


b) Moderate the comments.

At some point, comments might be unmoderated again, but right now this is what suits me. I sacrifice my ever-dwindling free time to write this blog. I get little-to-no compensation for it. To have the comments section resemble the decorum on the Newsarama forums on a bad day both disgusts and discourages me. At least Newsarama can ban or force out users -- and apparently, they do.

Actually, most social networking/media sites have some form of moderation. I used to think my blog would be immune to the need for it, but I was wrong.

And I do think some of it boils down to some men being set off by a woman with strong opinions. I think the very fact of it -- regardless of content -- really pisses some people off, on a primal level. Maybe that's a controversial thing to say, and maybe you don't agree with it. But that's what I feel in my heart is part of the problem.

I still like the majority of male comic fans, and hold no ill will towards them. But there is a small awful obsessive angry subset of them that really drain all joy out of discourse about comics.

What I post here: things about comics that interests me and illustrates my passion for the medium. It should be a fun process. If you feel the same way, come participate.