Friday, November 02, 2007

Fangirl Fridays

Fangirl Fridays Ten-Point Agenda:

1) Facebook is MySpace crack for the intellectual set.

2) Is Super-Poking on Facebook sort of dirty? It's like I want to use it to say "hello," but I'm afraid it will be misinterpreted.

3) I missed what happened in the latest issue of "Countdown." I'm depending on Dan Bizzle to fill me in. Don't let me down, Dan.

4) How can "Wizard Magazine" be the next "FHM" when we don't even have an "EW" for comics yet? Somebody get "Comic Foundry" chief Tim Leong on the phone.

5) Don't forget to wish Steve Ditko a happy eightieth birthday today...if you can find him.

6) I don't expect y'all to join up with Friends of Lulu right now just because I'm president. But after a few months when we get things in full gear I'm going to totally bug you about it. Consider me that person in your office pushing my child's school candy sale until you break and buy the cashew log rolls. It may seem a little annoying at first, but then you forget all about the purchase and then out of nowhere: "cashew log rolls!" Consider your F.O.L. newsletter a cashew log roll. But please don't tell Trina I made that analogy.

7) Sometimes when nobody is looking I like to pretend I'm Ray Davies from The Kinks and play air guitar. When somebody catches me doing this, I feel pretty rotten.

8) I had my first contact with DC Comics yesterday in relation to a small but necessary Friends of Lulu site update matter. It went something like this.

9) Because of my duties now as Friends of Lulu prez, I realize that the issue of "women in comics" (and I know that's such a generic term) is much bigger than I am. I don't excuse the crappy things that have happened to women in this industry, nor do I deny those things happened.

But at the same time, I have to work towards concrete goals such as re-establishing the Lulu Review Board and Mentorship Program, as well as increasing public awareness of the ever-increasing female comics readership. I, along with my fellow Lulus, have to bring more attention to the achievements of females in this medium and encourage publishers to hire more of them.

So taking this all into consideration, I have officially called off my grudge against DC Comics.

This does not mean an automatic "A+" for upcoming reviews of "Booster Gold," however. And if I see another panel of Wonder Woman serving coffee to the Justice League, I'm probably going to point it out.

10) And geez...the outpouring of support you all have given me on this blog...

You all rock. A blog is as only as good as its readers.



  1. Hey, I'll play you in Scrabulous...

  2. I'd just like to thank you for linking to that 2001 clip, since it led me to this video, which is the awesomest thing I've seen all week.

  3. Hey, say what you will, but Geoff Johns is the best writer in superhero comics right now.

  4. Geoff Johns is ok...

    I like Sean McKeever's work

  5. Ray Davies?

    "I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said Lulu... Ell-Yoo-Ell-Yoo Lulu, Lu-lu-lu-lu-Lulu [der der der der, der der, doo]"

  6. "Ray Davies?"

  7. It's the sayyyme ol' storeeeeyy, it's the same ol' ga-ame POWER MAN POWER MAN DRIVING ME IN ---

    Oh, sorry. Uh, I guess I'm not the only one who pretends to be Ray Davies. Good to know.

  8. Sorry, OS. Work has been beating me black and blue, no Countdown update yet...but do stay tuned.

    Damn, this EIC job is rough!!

    (I kid, I kid.)

  9. "Sometimes when nobody is looking I like to pretend I'm Ray Davies from The Kinks and play air guitar."

    And this is why we love you.

  10. Regular poked you on Facebook, and messaged you...hope to hear back from ya!

  11. You're calling off your grudge against DC? But why?
    Fanboy/fangirl indignation is the closest thing they have to creative validation anymore!

  12. Ray Davies is God.

    "Living on a thin line... OOOOOH OOOOH, tell us now, what's Didio supposed to do?"

  13. concrete goals such as re-establishing the Lulu Review Board and Mentorship Program

    Yes, please!