Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Supergirl Love-Doll/
Catwoman Bitch-Doll

"Hi! I'm the Supergirl Love-Doll! I'm very horny! As you can tell -- I'm not wearing panties! That's because I'm an innocent alien princess from another world with no inhibitions! I know not of this whole *panty* thing! I'm just looking for a very special comic book collector to buy me and place me on his shelf! I'll make all your dreams come true! I've been lovingly sculpted by the Pygmalions at the DC Direct department JUST FOR YOU. Buy me today! Did I mention I'm a teenager? Don't worry -- there are no statutory rape laws where I come from! Cool Beans!"

"What are you looking at, you worm? My big titties? Is that it? You're staring at my tits? How dare you?! On your knees! Serve Selina! Buy me today and worship all of my overdeveloped feline badness! I'll press you into service as my personal henchman/love-slave! I'll make you wear kitty-ears and dance the hokey-pokey! I'll run my claws down your back until you bleed and force you to do my taxes! Buy me now! Worship me! Do it! Do it!"

DC Direct Toys & Collectibles -- A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock N' Roll


  1. Both of these dolls are utterly shameful.

    And yet catwoman's outfit still manages to be more appropriate than Halle barry's version...

    the sculpting work on catwoman is stunning.. which manages to be no consolation at all. :(

  2. If DC is going to keep up making these things they should at least hire you to write the descriptions for their site XD

  3. The hell of it is that if they had kept the Catwoman figure's outfit zipped, that would have looked awesome.

    However, the Supergirl figure was hopeless. Even with the handicap of her current outfit, they still could have made a classy design of it. Barry Kitson pulled it off with his SUPERGIRL:LSH work. I feel creepy even LOOKING at that thing.

  4. DC seems to be catching up with a trend that has gained a LOT of momentum in Japan over the last few years. If these take off, be prepared for some truly shameless displays of plastic.

  5. quit hatin on supergirl!! arghhh!!

  6. I like both of these (Catwoman a little more than Supergirl), but I REALLY like them with your "promotional" blurbs attached. BRILLIANT!!!