Friday, January 18, 2008

Marvel's "The Twelve" The New "Watchmen"?

I bought Marvel's The Twelve #1 simply because I read artist Chris Weston's name on the cover. I knew nothing else about it. Then I noticed J. Michael Straczynski's name on the cover, and, given recent events, I was a little wary. But, in the end I enjoyed The Twelve #1 -- and I couldn't help think of a similar mini-series...


It was the death of swashbuckling character Blue Blade, reminiscent for me of that of The Comedian, that really sunk in the Watchmen comparison. Certainly Weston's art -- superb -- helped that connection along.

But, whether JMS's story has the texture and depth of Alan Moore's masterpiece remains to be seen. I think relating this tale about the dark side of Golden Age heroes to the DC mini The Golden Age -- or even the recent Grant Morrison arc of Batman with the "Batmen of many nations" storyline/murder mystery -- might be more apropos.

Worth a read.

Some preview pages from #2: (click for bigger)