Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sex Drive/High School Musical III Mix-Up Scars Kids For Life

A movie theater in Utah accidentally ran "Sex Drive" instead of "High School Musical III," thereby exposing a room full of tweens to the evils that include Seth Green playing one of the Amish.

One angry parent wrote,

"I could not carry my little children out before they were exposed to extremely vulgar and sexually explicit material..."

Apparently, there is nudity at the very beginning of "Sex Drive."

This reminds me in third grade when our annual year-end movie was "Beverly Hills Cop." Somewhere by a third of the movie our teachers realized that this was an R-rated film. Ditto for fourth grade and a trip to see "Chorus Line" on Broadway. We were singing "Tits and Ass" on the bus ride home through the porn shops and dirty movie theaters of 42nd Street.


  1. "Ditto for fourth grade and a trip to see "Chorus Line" on Broadway. We were singing "Tits and Ass" on the bus ride home through the porn shops and dirty movie theaters of 42nd Street."
    This explains so much.

  2. *Snicker* I'm reminded of my poor English 4 teacher, who got a really good movie version of "MacBeth" to show us that was produced by Hugh Heifner. Her solution to the three problem scenes was to cover the TV mounted on the wall by holding up poster board until the scene was over. The three problem scenes: the coven of witches the second time MacBeth meets them are skyclad (and ugly), Banqo's kid is having a bath when he gets killed, and Lady MacBeth goes nutso in the nude.

    One guy decided Lady MacBeth was hot and he was going to see it, and behind the teacher's back found the right angle to stand at to see the screen. The only report he was able to give us was a big thumbs up before she spotted him and got him to sit down.

  3. Hilarious. This stuff doesn't scar kids for life, and they should be exposed to this sort of stuff sooner, rather than later.

  4. HSM 3 was filled with homoeroticism.

    But it was fantastic.

    Havent seen Sex Drive, but maybe mommy and daddy shouldnt be so outraged and actually talk to their kids about sex, instead of pretending it will never happen (achem Bristol Palin)

  5. That reminds me of the time I went with a group of friends to see Eric Bagosian's Suburbia...where there was a clear sign _right at the ticket window_ stating that the show had vulgar language and there were sexual situations.

    And some high school or junior high group that had come to see the play (at night no less) was being led out because the teacher was all freaked out. Sometimes I wonder about supposed "adults."

  6. I may be a right winger, but those parents need to lighten up.

    It was an accident, it's only a movie for cripes sake, and those tweens probably know more in this day and age than anything that film showed.

    It's not like this is going to scar those kids for life or anything.

  7. I was never so lucky in a theater, but I did get to see some R-rated movies in grade and junior high school classes. Also, Manon of the Spring in French class, with parental consent.

    Also, "Sex Drive" was great. Not as reputable as "Superbad," but as a child of the '80s Great American Sex Movie, three thumbs up!

  8. I'd be more concerned with the brain damage they recieved being subjected to such a moronic movie.

  9. Oh man... what a cool school you attended! In Omaha, we only got to see "A Christmas Carol".

    I wonder... how soon before the same thing happens with "Avenue Q"?

    As a ninth grader, I naturally rented the "naughty" version of "Romeo and Juliet" by Zeffirelli. We were smart enough to know that R&J is not the best thing to expose teens to. (Lovers from dissenting families, can't be together, so they commit suicide.)

    Wow... that "Macbeth" was directed by Roman Polanski. Rates a 7.5 on IMDB. Lady MacB was going to be Tuesday Weld. With the extra gore and the kindly ones, this version is perfect for Halloween! "A deed without a name" Mmmm....